Lasting Peace: Kaduna APA Suggests Security Measures


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Lasting Peace: Kaduna APA Suggests Security Measures


The Kaduna gubernatorial candidate of African People’s Alliance, APA,Mustapha Othman Bakano advised the State government put up security measures that will lasting peace in the State .
Addressing journalists on security challenge in Kaduna , Bakano said , “We need to identify ourselves as people and get a data management collection that will give a clearer picture of who we are as a people,and what are we doing to come up with people oriented programmes that will have direct bearing in their lives.
“The citizens must be taken out of poverty and ensure that they are not hungry by establishing cottage industries in each local government areas of the State that will give them a sense of belonging and serve as a base of engagement as well as means of their livelihood.”
He also said government must be ready to provide the people with some incentives that would take idleness away from them .
He stressed : “Government must look for ways to assist the people in order to engage them into productive ventures that will enhance productivity and take them away from idleness that affects productivity and encourage all forms of social vices in the state.”
While explaining that the party has a good blueprint for the state to ensure good governance that will lead to proper understanding, peace, unity and development in the State.
Speaking on the party leadership in the state, the gubernatorial candidate said that the party was facing challenges, saying that the state chairman of the party, Engr. Idris Musa has been suspended due to anti -party activities.
He added that in spite of the challenges the party was facing, he said it has announced itself in the state, stressing that financial challenges have affected the party to widen its scope at the ward and the 23 local government areas in the state.
Following the good package the party has for the state, if given the mandate, he said, it’s government will be able to provides hundreds of thousands of jobs to the citizens through the provision of cottage industries that will take away youth and women from idleness.
“We need a conducive environment that we will involve ourselves into meaningful programmes that will give us a sense of belonging and in turn take us out of hunger which l strongly believe is the cause of insecurity in the state,” he assured.


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