SGF  indigene of Yola North not Hong, casts votes in PU 09, Aide revealed


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SGF indigene of Yola North not Hong, casts votes in PU 09, Aide revealed


By Tom Garba, Yola
A Principal Special Assistant (PSA) liaison the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Barrister Boss Mustapha, as a matter of emphasis refuted a reports consider to be false and lies in an effort to dent him bad in the family of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
The report in some media outfit carried out is saying that Boss has failed to deliver Hong his LGA of origin for President Muhammadu Buhari despite the exalted seat he occupies.
Alhaji Mohammed Danjuma who is an aide to the current SGF revealed that Boss is only having Hong as his ancestral LGA where his parents came from over eight decades ago.
According to him, Boss was born and breed up in Jimeta,Yola North LGA in 1956 and known as an indigene of that area,haven contested to be a Governor when Adamawa state was newly created in 1992.
He opined that the last presidential elections that is about to be announced who is the winner by INEC is no doubt or gain saying Boss voted in his polling unit 09, opposite the main gate of New Government House in Jimeta of Gwadabawa Ward of Yola North LGA.
He condemned the attitude of some politicians who are good in making and fan embers of enmities against one another in the APC family, as according to him it is on record that Boss name is in Number 902 out of 1307 of the total list of those registered at the polling unit he usual voted.
He said the PVCs VIN of the SGF is 90f5b 348be395691571 and is verifiable to know exactly where he casts his votes and the unit he belongs to.
He further said that the unit gave APC 219 votes against 194 votes of PDP,an area overwhelmingly known to be a strong hold for the opposition party (PDP) because of him the narrative of the voting pattern changed.
“It’s unfortunate political jobbers are harping on the failure of APC stakeholders to deliver Hong for our president,may i put it straight and on record that the SGF is an indigene of Yola North LGA not Hong,he successful delivered his unit, LGA with 43,865 votes for our great Party.
” His political enemies should please go and find better things to do as our principal is a die hard APC, core Buhari loyalist, it is uncontestable that he is a loyal party member.
“His loyalty to the party is unshakable and wavery and his high sense of integrity when it comes to party politics is known world over.” Danjuma Said


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