SGF Speaks on Buhari’s “My next four years will be tough” … Says President means well for Nigerians 


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SGF Speaks on Buhari’s “My next four years will be tough”
… Says President means well for Nigerians

By Tom Garba, Yola
The Secretary to Government of the Federation,Barr Boss Mustapha while responding to questions by Journalists in Adamawa state Government House said the statement made by President Muhammadu Buhari of his next four years in office to be tough meant good.
According to him the statement is to have tougher decision in term of policies that might not be palatable at the initial stage but sure to deliver the country on the crutches of underdevelopment.
“The remarks made by Buhari that there would be difficult times ahead, the next tenure would be tough, I can only infer that we would be taking tough decisions which would not be palatable but would deepen and strengthen the country.”
Boss opined that When they took over government, 27 states were unable to pay salaries but for the intervention of Mr president all the States are paying salaries without much hitches.
He explained that When the government of Buhari took the decision on the banning of rice importation and fertilizer was not an easily thing, a decision not really a welcome development to many Nigerians, the outcry were every where but now the country have attained a near self sufficiency in the production of Rice and fertilizer.
Boss admitted that there are internal crisis rocking the ruling party in Adamawa state but very minimal that cannot stop the chances of winning the governorship elections.
“We had a selection process either of candidates or party leadership, those kind of processes always give birth to issues,i can assure you that it is not that they are diametrically opposed to each other but we are doing all we can to address the issue.
“We are doing very well in that regard in the state in terms of reconciling all groups within the party but you have to know that managing a party is quite a complex task of managing conflicting interest.
“I was privilege to be a party chairman of the then Peoples Solidarity Party at the age of 32, I was still a bachelor then, I know how contentious party issues are.” He said
He revealed that they he had a stakeholders meeting in his office in Abuja and him coming down home is in furtherance of that efforts.
“One thing I can assure you is that we are coming out stronger, focused and more resolved to retaining Adamawa governorship as an APC state.” Boss added
Mustapha bragged about the good fight they gave the PDP opposition party in the last presidential elections in the state.
“We came into the race as an opposition with power at the center but we had an opposition, Atiku who is the presidential candidate of the PDP and he has been part of the political life of this state for the last 20 years.
“He served eight years as vice president, when you want to accept it or not, Atiku has a political family in Adamawa state and that we were able to refuse his win by just thirty two thousand votes was a great work but don’t forget our candidate in Katsina defeats him by more than nine hundred thousand votes and in the north east we defeated him by more than two million votes.”
He refuted the claims of many people especially the politicians linking him to be an Indigene of Hong and why he failed to delivered his local government, he said, ” I started voting in 1979, I am Kilba by tribe so my ancestry is in Hong but I have never played politics in Hong, I voted here in Yola.
“When it was time to go to constituent assembly, I contested from then there was no Hong but Gombi, but won elections from Yola north.
“I became the first chairman of SDP in Adamawa state from Yola north and in 2005, I was nominated to represent Adamawa state as a member of the national political reform conference under Obasanjo.
“I later was elected to be a delegate from Adamawa at the Action Congress and later became the national vice chairman of the party as an indigene of Yola north, are in all this time it has not been an issue until now.
“The good thing is that I have been consistent and all my documents have reflected that even my nominal role as SGF reflects that I’m from Yola North not Hong.”
“When I was the chairman of the SDP, Aitku was a candidate in 1990, it was when Atiku and Bala Takaya were disqualified that I took up a ticket to contest against Saleh Michika for the governorship of Adamawa state in 1991. He stressed.
He thank President Muhammadu Buhari for being magnanimous to the people of Adamawa by making them to produce SGF for two good time.
“The privileged Adamawa has that we lost the office and the president kindly went to the same constituency to pick another person was remarkable.” He said
While given his score card,Boss reiterated that When he came to office, he met the road construction project that was designed to stop at Gombe but that he pursued it and its now coming to Adamawa.
“All the roads leading into Adamawa are all into construction including the roads in Michika and Madagali that were destroyed by boko haram.” He stated
He continue to say that it pains him to have lost the state in a very narrow margin but it is still paining him as someone who is passionate about his Party to succeed.
“Every loss in any local government is not a palatable, the loss in Numan hurts me as much as the loss in Hong because I was brought up in Numan and my mother speaks the bwatiye language fluently.”
On intervention in communities devastated by boko haram he said the effort is still on course and senate has informed him that all things have been approved for its take off.
“There is a N10 billion set aside for its take off and N45 billion in the 2019 budget for its activities.”
He praised the 2019 Presidential elections to have a qualitative process saying that “The 2019 elections is a far improvement from what we had in 2015.”
“Without casting any aspersions, there were some parts of this country in the past where during elections no voting takes place, whoever is in charge just churn out what they.
“It’s just that the opposition did not perform as well as they should because the scored just 11 million votes against the 12 million Goodluck had then while we still maintained the 15 million we had.
” I don’t believe that the postponement has done harm to the electoral process and APC is not desperate it happened in 2015 and in 2011 is even worst because we were out voting before it was called off.
According to him Elections come with a lot of challenges but thankfully they were able to deliver and had elections that was adjudged by the western world, local and international observers as credible,free and fair and that explains the flurry of congratulatory messages we have been receiving.
“We would have to work on improving our electoral system, it is not a perfect system and no system is, we were talking with an American diplomat and I had to remind them that Cohen is still in the public contesting the outcome of elections that whose tenure would end in about a year.
“But the forthrightness of Mr President and how stood firm on having a credible elections has helped the process.” He added


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