Guber Election : Kaduna Pastors Urge Electorate to Vote only Visionary, Competent Candidate 


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Guber Election : Kaduna Pastors Urge Electorate to Vote only Visionary, Competent Candidate

By Femi Adi

Ahead of Saturday ‘s Governorship elections across Nigeria, Kaduna clerics under umbrella of Pastors United For Change Association,(PUCA) have called on electorate in the State to only votes candidates with capacity, vision and competence.

The group of clerics with members cutting across all Churches and denominations also cautioned against voting along religious line .

“We have observed with keen interest the dangerous dimension things have taken across the various political divides in Nigeria and Kaduna State in particular” They said .

Speaking during a town hall meeting with Governor Nasir El-Rufai at Hotel Seventeen on Tuesday , the National Organising Secretary ,Pastor Ayokunle Adebayo said the decision to meet the State Governor is in line with vision of the clerics to galvanise minister of the gospel for national development .

He further said ,” We want to state that while we acknowledge the fact that everyone INCLUDING RELIGIOUS LEADERS,have a right to belong to and vote for any Political party or Candidate of their choice,no Religious leader or group of religious leaders under any guise or umbrella has the right to compel,cajole,coerce or manipulate their members to vote for any party.

“The dangerous trend of openly using our religious platforms or associations to speak for or against any Political Party or Candidate in order to influence our members is a clear abuse of our privileged positions as clerics. Inciting our followers to hate or disdain any Political Party or Candidate is clearly contrary to the message of Love and Peace that is the core of the religions we profess.

” As religious leaders,we must acknowledge the fact that we have a mixed population of citizens that belong to different religions with different denominations and sects so irrespective of our personal views and preferences we have a sacred and patriotic Divine duty to downplay issues that divide us and focus more on issues that serve our common interests as citizens of Nigeria. As we approach the Governorship elections,let ALL RELIGIOUS LEADERS encourage our members and followers to vote as Nigerians and not as Christians or Muslims. Let us not vote for candidates that will favour our religion or ethnic group. If we vote for candidates that favour our religion or tribe,that is being selfish. By so doing we are indirectly voting against other religions and tribes and such actions further promote divisions and enmity in our society and we are ALL going to be worse of for it.

“Let us ALL vote for candidates that will favour all Nigerians because,everyone irrespective of their religion or tribe will be beneficiaries.If we desire to have good leaders,then the false notion that a political party or Candidate is for or against a particular religion or tribe MUST be discarded. Such views are borne out of political ignorance,misinformation or pure mischief and should be discarded from our society.

“From historical facts and present day experiences,all Nigerians should know that our present state of underdevelopment was caused by bad leaders from all religions and tribes. Therefore,in recognition of the great influence religious leaders have over their adherents, we should encourage our members to vote ONLY for competent leaders that have the wealth of knowledge, experience and capacity to provide the visionary and quality leadership that Nigeria needs.
From the understanding we have from Romans 13,let all religious leaders teach and encourage our followers to know that ” there is no power but of God:the powers that be are ordained of God.” Therefore let us encourage our members to go out and freely vote for whom they want and let God give us the Leaders we need.

“All religious leaders and adherents should be mindful of the fact that “whosoever therefore resisteth the power,resisteteth the ordinance of God:and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.” With this understanding let ALL religious leaders that teach or encourage rebellion against Divinely ordained leaders exercise caution because when the consequences come,God will require the blood of these saints from our hands.
If we search through the scriptures, we will see that Rulers who attacked God’s people at some point during their reign where later used by God to fulfil and further God’s cause. A case in point is Nebuchadnezzar who was referred to by God as “My servant” in Jeremiah 27:6.
Is it no longer true “That the King’s heart is in the hand of the Lord,as the rivers of water:he turneth it whithersoever he will”? If it is true,then whoever emerges as Governor in our state can and will still be influenced by God to do His will for the overall interest of ALL THE CITIZENS AND NOT ANY PARTICULAR RELIGION. God bless Kaduna State. God bless Nigeria”.


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