Opinion : Why It Is Necessary To Vote For Nasiru El-Rufai as Kaduna Governor -By Maina


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It is true that for one to succeed as Governor of the elitist state of the likes of Kaduna, you need just more than experience and sound education but the doggedness, fearlessness, temerity and charisma of a lion. Among all the contenders for the office of Governor, Mallam Nasiru El-rufai stands tall. He has got all the attributes put together, intimidating resume, robust and enduring respect for elders, vast knowledge, accountability and ultimately the fear of God. These are the qualities needed for one to excel as Governor of a State like Kaduna.
For the residents of Kaduna State and indeed passers-by, one would notice that for over three decades or more Kaduna has remained an old picture of itself in every aspect of human development, no roads, comatose educational system, poor infrastructure, insecurity, poor health facilities etc, all suffered neglect during the past administrations in the state.
Having personally visited more than 11 local Governments during our Campaign for both the presidential and Gubernatorial elections, Kaduna State indigenes seem to have pitched their tent with Mallam El-rufai’s Administration due to his people oriented projects. He has renovated and equipped schools, upgraded health facilities, secured public institutions, saved billions of naira through the introduction of the single treasury account, instilled discipline into the civil service, ensured accountability, transparency in Government institutions and above all, empowerment of Women and the Youth which he has passion for.
Indeed there is no area that he has not touched within the last three years, despite the meagre resources at his disposal. Certainly, another four years will mean continuation of his people oriented programs without any disruption as has been the case in the past. His stint as the FCT Minister helped in making Abuja the beautiful City it is now. I urge the good people of Kaduna State to shun any propaganda aimed at dividing us, rather we should embrace togetherness and development of our Towns, villages and of our people. We shall see more fortunes and dividends of democracy for the good people of Kaduna State Now.

Dr A. A MAINA Fcpa


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