Sen. Shehu Sani Backs Buhari on Plans to Probe Past PDP Leaders 


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Shehu Sani Backs Buhari on Plans to Probe Past PDP Leaders
Senator Shehu Sani
Shehu Sani, Senator representing Kaduna Central, says he agrees that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) should be held accountable for squandering the nation’s resources.
He, however, said this should involve all past and present members of the political party during its sixteen-year rule.
A good number of those in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), including governors and ministers, joined the party from the PDP.
The senator was speaking in reaction to President Muhammadu Buhari’s statement that the party still owes Nigerians explanation on how it spent the huge resources that accrued to the country from oil sales.
The president had said on Thursday: “PDP has not successfully explained to the country what they did with the money. They said they spent $16 billion on power, but where is the power? The irresponsible expenditure of that period has not been explained, and Nigerians deserve an answer on that terrible mismanagement of the country.”
Writing via his Twitter handle, Sani said everyone that was once in the PDP should be made go prepare and present a report on such expenses before the president.
He wrote: “I support the President’s demand that the PDP should explain how they squandered $592 Billion.
“I advise the opposition party to recall all its past and present members (1999 to 2015),to prepare and present to Mr President and the nation a full report of such a monumental waste.”
(The Cable)


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