Another Tragedy: 14 Persons Die in Colombian Plane Crash 


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Another Tragedy: 14 Persons Die in Colombian Plane Crash

Fourteen people die in horror Colombian plane crash after pilot makes distress call midway through the flight
The plane, a Douglas DC-3, is a twin-engine propeller plane from the 1930s.
The pilot made a distress call before losing signal and crashing in Meta.
A mayor and her family are confirmed among the victims .
The plane crashed in Colombia on Saturday, killing everyone on board including a mayor and her family.
Doris Villegas, the mayor of the municipality of Taraira, and her husband and daughter, as well as the owner of the aircraft, pilot Jaime Carrillo, co-pilot Jaime Herrera and aviation technician Alex Moreno have been identified among the victims

Daily Mail


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