Allow INEC to do its job:Group replies Adamawa PDP


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Allow INEC to do its job:Group replies Adamawa PDP

The Zonal leader of coalition of Christian Youths for All Progressives Congress, APC, Mr Caleb Japheth Adamu have condemned the way and manner the opposition People’s Democracy party,PDP,are threatening to take laws into their hands on the declaration of the inconclusiveness of Governorship election by the Independent national electoral commission (INEC).

Adamu who is the Northern National leader of the group granted an interview to our reporter in an effort to reply the PDP who had earlier issued a Press statements calling on INEC to declare their candidate,Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri a winner haven polled a total votes of 367,471

PDP in the text of briefing read to newsmen by a former governor of the state under the party, Boni Haruna, that INEC’s argument was untenable not to declare Fintiri a winner.

Japheth accused PDP of being desperate, running faster than their legs, salivating the aroma of Power by wanting to break the guiding rules.

“I cannot be surprise by how desperate PDP can be to want to forcefully take the laws into their hands on an election that was declared inconclusive in 44 polling units across some LGAs in the State.

” These are power hungry men and women who sixteen years of their stay in power have only succeeded in piloting the affairs of the country into total collapse,plugged the country into many perils that today we are struggling to come out of them.

“I don’t think PDP knows it better than INEC, why are they ranting on an issue that the law of our Land decided? They should please allow INEC to neatly do their job.” He said

Boni who read that PDP had polled 367,472 votes; as against the next leading party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), which received 334,995 votes after results from the state’s 21 LGAs had been collated by Monday morning; but INEC declared the election inconclusive on the argument that the margin of lead by the PDP, which was 32,467 votes, was lower than the number of registered voters, 40,948 in 44 polling units (PUs) where elections either did not hold or were cancelled.

The Christian Youths leader worry over the emphasis of the former governor of the state to declare Fintiri a winner on an election results that the whole processes was bastardized and flawed.

He called on INEC to make a rerun election in all the 21 LGAs in the state,lamenting that the entire process has been awry,crooked with dozens of complaints and petitions were submitted untreated by political parties.

On his own part,the North east National vice chairman of APC,Comrade Mustapha Salihu have earlier on Monday accused the Nigerian army of helping PDP to rigged the elections in Song LGA area of Adamawa state.

While rejecting the outcome of last Saturday’s governorship election that was conducted by INEC in the state said soldiers were seen whisking ballot boxes and results of many units of Song LGA.

Salihu called on INEC to thoroughly probe the elections process in all the LGAs affected as earlier been petitioned.

He directly fingered out armed Military men on Sunday morning working against APC when the Brigade Commander has been unceremoniously taken to Abuja to help PDP achieve their aims.

“Since on Sunday morning we noticed with dismay how soldiers were glaring working against us.

” If one will begin to ask how can Brigade commandant of a whole Barracks be transferred at the heat period of an elections without prior notice? No! No!! The military have used their power against us for PDP. That we cannot take.”

“Soldiers whisked away results in Song,results of four wards were not release and officials of INEC were also aiding agents to tailored reports for opposition to rig the elections.” He fumed

According to him serious complains were tendered by the APC agents that a lot of election irregularities were reported in the LGAs of Hong,Michika, Song,Lamurde,Guyuk and Demsa but dumped by INEC.

He revealed that card readers were not used,APC agents were attacked, killing one of the agents in Hong by the opposition party,cases of over voting were reported in many areas and undue cancellation of results by INEC officials were also reported.

“We want to bring it to the notice of the general public that we reject the entire results of governorship elections held in Adamawa state, our petitions were rejected and is evident that the whole process is been compromised.” He said

While addressing the Press men along state party officials, Mustapha base their major complains on violence, killing and lynching of agents, petitions were dumped and results were tailored by INEC officials.

“We are calling for %100 probe by INEC and we must bring accountability on the table.” He added

He continue to say that the results are not the reflection of Adamawa people and their mandate must be brought back to them else they head to court in order to reclaim the mandate.

“We demand the full inquiry of the election process.” He Stated

You may wish to recall that Adamawa Governorship elections was declared inconclusive at the wee hours of Monday morning and assured of complementary elections in 44 polling units of LGAs affected


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