Kaduna Gov. Candidates Forum Warn CUPP Against Making Up Fictitious Figures of Support 


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Kaduna Governorship Candidates Forum Warn CUPP Against Making Up Fictitious Figures of Support

Kaduna State Governorship Candidates Forum 2019 , has warned those making up fictitious figures of support from political parties and non existing candidates to hold their peace and face the reality of God’s making.
According to the group , the governorship candidates forum,2019 still remain 30 persons in number with 49 political party chairmen from their political parties, still loyal in their resolve to go with and support all.
However , in a statement signed by Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu the
Chairman , the Forum said , “Our attention have been drawn to publication by one Umar Mairakumi in the name of CUPP.
“Following the great successes as recorded and acknowledged by the good people of Kaduna State including domestic and foreign observers concerning the recently concluded governorship and house of assembly elections, we once again want to reiterate on not only the free, fair, transparent and credible nature of the election, but also the collective will of the good people of Kaduna State that was expressed without cognisance of our differences of any sort which transcend to the peace that we enjoy today even to the aftermath of the elections.
“This to us is an indication that democracy has not only come to stay in Kaduna state, but in our country Nigeria at large . We therefore not only congratulate the winners of these elections, but also wish that we all see the entire elections as a win-win situation to everyone that contested the election from which ever platform. While to those that were victorious, we desire and advise them to be magnanimous in victory knowing fully that is God that gives power to who so ever he wishes at the time he so wish.
“Here we also congratulate Mall Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufai for inviting all to jointly work towards salvaging Kaduna in his acceptance speech, saying it’s a new day in Kaduna.
“Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufa’i’s re-election as the Governor of Kaduna State for the next four years, we have also resolve to followup on his support to anywhere legally possible if need be, in ensuring that the vote and support of good people of Kaduna is not truncated by anyone or group of few selfish people .
“While we challenge him to list out the political party’s and Candidates he claimed.”


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