Kaduna Transition Committee formally Inaugurated

Dr. Hadiza Balarabe ,Kaduna Deputy Governor -elect
Kaduna State Deputy Governor -elect ,Dr. Hadiza Balarabe has formally inaugurated the Kaduna State Transition Committee .
Dr.Balarabe ,who heads the Committee read the terms of reference during the formal inauguration/inaugural meeting held at Sir Kashim Ibrahim Government House on Tuesday .
According to her, the Terms Of Reference as propounded are: Ascertain and Present a factual report on the state of the Kaduna State Government from 2015 to 2019, based on targets set in the Transition Committee Report of 2015
,Assess the performance of all MDAs based on the Governments Restoration Agenda,Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the Kaduna State Government in the execution of its governance.
Others are : Make short-term, medium-term and long-term recommendations to strengthen key institutions and improve the delivery of governance programs
,Identify Quick Wins for this next phase of the government, Collage and assess Handover notes from all MDAs
,Any other function that maybe assigned by the Governor.
Members of the Kaduna State Transition Committee
In her remarks ,Dr Hadiza Balarabe , who expressed satisfaction over the choice and personalities of the committee members , did acknowledge their experience, expertise, capacity and skills.
While explaining that the Committee’s work will lay emphasis on appraising the administrations’ work in the last 4 years and to enable it put concrete/workable plans for the next 4years, she noted ,”most importantly, we will lay emphasis on the concept of ‘Putting people first’, which is the fulcrum of this administrations’ agenda. “
She further said , ” The choice of “Putting people first” as the thrust for this second term bid of HE, Mal Nasir Elrufa’i is not only apt, but demonstrates that this Administration, exerted deliberate efforts to feel the pulse of the people and their perceptions of Governance. The concept is intended to be a ground-breaking concord that commits the State Government and its MDAs, and the Local Government Councils, to a socio-economic transformation of service delivery to the people over the next couple of years.
Four years ago, we were all party to this administration’s promise to “Make Kaduna State Great Again”.
“Over these years, a lot of work have gone into fulfilling the promises made, and despite numerous challenges faced, we endured. What this period means therefore, is the fact that it is crucial and vital that a smooth, successful and seem-less transition into the next phase of governance is assured.
Esteemed Committee members, I am hopeful that it can only get better and certainly do look forward to opportunities this shift has to offer: aimed at making lives better for the good people of Kaduna State.
Our true mission will be to make residents/citizens of Kaduna State feel they have something to contribute and to provide them with a path that enables everyone grow through their active participation and the creation of a safe environment for each one. No matter the projects, programs e.t.c we may propose, it is only when we consider putting people first in this transition plan, that we stand to gain more and assure our collective long-term prosperity.
” This Committee in the course of its work, will be guided by certain Terms of Reference. It will be important for this Committee, to identify and pursue every effective and efficient means in-order to promote the achievement of the TsOR. We must maintain active dialogue and seek collaboration on issues of shared importance. It is my believe that nothing can be more important to this state, than that we take this task that has been assigned to us with the dedication, commitment and the sense of responsibility it deserves, the document that will come out of this effort should be something all of us will be proud of. People will be waiting to see how well we deliver on our mandate, because what they want is to see the ‘old but now new’ leadership “making peoples’ lives better”.
“Subcommittees to share specific tasks within the jurisdiction of this main committee have been identified, these will be responsible to, and work within agreed terms. “
” The Governor of Kaduna State is passionate in his belief that the future of the State will depend on the ability of this committee and its subcommittee, to produce a document that will stand the test of time, one that will be anchored on knowledge of service of the MDAs and most importantly new knowledge. It is imperative therefore, to note that the work that we will do here will be of immense value at ensuring that we build on the foundation that has been laid, while ensuring real value addition to peoples’ lives through working better and making lives of the populace better. I belief now is the time to reaffirm that our state is great but I want us to also understand that greatness is never a given. We should and must earn it. “


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