4 HND Graduates ,2 brothers Die in Kabba  Mysterious Well


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4 HND Graduates ,2 brothers Die in Kabba

Mysterious Well

KABBA, the headquarters of Kabba/Bunu local government area of Kogi State was on Monday night, thrown into pandemonium and mourning as four Higher National Diploma (HND) graduates, including two brothers died in a well they dug.
The four men that were said to be between 30 and 35 years were specialists in well digging for which they were popular in the town.
The deceased names were given as David, Sunday, Ayo and Ogbekedo with two of them from the same parents.
Tribune Online learnt that the tragedy occurred at Zango quarters, Kabba, where a primary school teacher, Mrs Agnes Baiyere, had allegedly hired the deceased to dig a well in the front of her newly constructed building in the area.
Baiyere, who teaches at the St Mary’s primary school, Kabba was said to have earlier contracted one of the deceased named David who also invited three other of his colleagues to execute the job.
The people were said to have dug the well up to about 25 feet for about a week and completed with all the finishing done with the outer part of the well plastered when two of them went back Monday evening at about 6 pm to evacuate some broken blocks that fell into the well.
However, when one of them entered into the well he was said to have complained of dizziness which led to the other person quickly coming to the aid of his friend, but the two were mysteriously trapped into the well and could not come out.
The development caught the attention of the people, making the remaining two men to rush to the scene and attempted to rescue their trapped colleagues.
However, as they also got into the well they were also trapped and could not come out.
This made the house owner and other occupants shout for help as it was obvious that the men were dead in the well.
Sympathisers were said to have contacted members of staff of the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, (AEDC), Kabba office, who evacuated the remains of the four deceased persons.
Eyewitness account said as they were been rushed to the General Hospital, Kabba, one of the deceased opened his eyes after a pastor prayed for them but he died as they were stepping into the hospital.
One of the sympathisers said David was a member of her church, saying the gentle and hard-working man and his colleagues used vocation to train themselves up to HND level.


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