Profile: The Many Sides of  Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu 


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Profile: The Many Sides of Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu
Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu is a Nigerian from Milgoma Village,Bomo ward, sabon Gari LGA of KADUNA State, Born 46 years ago, professionally a security Expert, Strategist, & Administrator, a Nigerian who has acquired knowledge at different forms/levels. He served Nigeria in different levels, he served in the Armed Forces for some years before he voluntarily retired.
Awwal has been involved in civil/human right activism and he is still active, he is involved in politics and contested election at various local levels,
He Aspired for the office of PRESIDENT OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA UNDER (UDP) UNITED DEMOCRATIC PARTY, he has gone round 28 states of the federation for structuring and mobilization of women and youth,on 5 October 2019, he withdrew from the presidential Aspiration out of Respect for PMB. And diclaired for the office of the EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR OF KADUNA STATE UNDER UDP UNITED DEMOCRATIC PARTY, BECOME CHAIRMAN OF THE KADUNA STATE CANDIDATES FORUM and still leading, met different kinds of people in his life.
AWWAL ABDULLAHI ALIYU is a home based personality who is known very well by his people at the grassroots
A clarion call to serve His fatherland, he is simple, and humble. He is a nobody the son of a nobody that want to become somebody and of the opinion that there are so many sons and daughters of no body’s out there that wish to become somebody, irrespective of tribe or religion. Nigeria will not get it’s required development until the sons and daughters of nobody become somebody without necessarily knowing or lobbying anybody in Nigeria.
He formed Kaduna Aspirants and Contestants forum in 2007 and became its Secretary. Within that period he became the Acting Chairman of DPP in Kaduna. In 2008 During the Flag off of second re-election bid of the then Governor of Sokoto state. AWWAL ABDULLAHI ALIYU with his other senior colleagues in the party, Assembled Gubernatorial, Senatorial, Federal and state houses of Assembly candidates from 22 States of the Federation in sokoto where they all Decamped to PDP. That Marked the End of DPP.
At sokoto in the presence of Late President Umaru Musa Yar`adua of Blessed memory, ORGANIZATION FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE ACTUALIZATION AND SUSTENANCE OF MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS (MDGs) AND THE 7 POINTS AGENDA OF PRESIDENT UMARU MUSA YAR`ADUA (OPAMSA) was formed. AWWAL ABDULLAHI ALIYU Emerged the NATIONAL CHAIRMAN (non governmental). The mission was to create awareness/public enlightenment on MDGs/7 POINTS AGENDA, the role of government and that of the followership. AWWAL ABDULLAHI ALIYU structured the organization across 36 states and Abuja, as well as 774 LGAs of the Federation.
In 2013, AWWAL ABDULLAHI ALIYU led groups of Youths and Intellectuals under All Northern People Union (TAGGED, OCCUPY BUHARI, BABANGIDA AND ALL NORTHERN LEADER’S FOR ONE VOICE AREWA), The idea is bring all Northern leaders on a round table. for support to have them all come together in unity, understanding, forgiveness and co-operation so that power can shift to the north.
And if the leaders refuse to cooperate, then he will lead an occupy protest agaist them.That advocacy took comrade AWWAL ABDULLAHI ALIYU and his team to every part of Northern Nigeria, where he meet and spoke one on one with almost all leaders that matters in the north, former and some serving Governors, Ministers, Senators, members of house of representatives, Emirs, former heads of governmental and security organizations, Leaders and Elders of northern origin, including Gen Buhari, Gen Babangida, Gen. T Y Danjuma. etc. He also Addressed Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) on same issue.
AWWAL ABDULLAHI ALIYU also embarked on massive mobilization of Youths, through Radio,Television, hand bill, town hall meetings etc. He was at various times harrased, intimidated and even arrested by the powers that be, The rest today is history.
At the moment, Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu is the
(a) Chairman Kaduna state Governorship Candidates forum 2019
(b)Convener Young Presidential Aspirant Group, which letter merged and Become Presidential Aspirant Coming together (PACT)
(c).National Leader One Adult One Youth Combination in Governance Advocacy Project,
(d)Vice President – Retired Members of Nigerian Armed Forces Foundation. (REMENAF). (e).Chairman Kaduna NGOs forum,
(f).Speaker Northern Parliament,
(g).President All Northern People Union, (h).National Coordinator Salvage Nigeria Forum, (i).Executive director Centre For Youth Reformation and leadership development initiative.
(j).Member of so many civil and Human Right organizations.
AWWAL ABDULLAHI ALIYU holds the Title of Sarkin Yakin Kanya Babba in jigawa state and Dan Massnin Milgoma Shika zaria in Kaduna State.
We present to you, AWWAL ABDULLAHI ALIYU.


  1. Realy Dr. Awwal A. A is a person who knews the value of human being his respect and obidience to all kind of human makes him stand where he is today therefore Dr. Awwal A.A deserve to hold any post in our dear state base on experience and knowledge. Aliyu D. Ibrahim


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