Generated  electricity drops from 3,231 to  2,919MW


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Generated electricity in Nigeria drops from 3,231 to 2,919MW
Nigeria’s electricity generation dropped further last Tuesday by 312 megawatts (MW) after the Nigerian Gas Company (NGC) reported a cut in gas supply to four key power plants in the country.
The gas supply company said the cut followed the emergency maintenance works it was carrying out on the pipeline supplying gas to Egbin, Omotosho, Olorunsogo and Papalanto power stations.
The NGC said the development resulted in a reduced power generation in the national grid from about 3,231 MW last Wednesday to 2,919MW.
More than a week earlier, the TCN also reported a system collapse, which cut electricity generation from about 4,338.9 MW as at April 20.
The Nigeria electricity system operator, an arm of the TCN, said the collapse was the sixth recorded since the year began.
The transmission company said the cut in gas supply was caused by a leakage discovered on the Escravos-Lagos pipeline system.
According to the TCN, the leakage forced a total shutdown of the four power generating plants late on Thursday to forestall the escalation of the impact.
The General Manager Public Affairs of TCN, Ndidi Mbah, said prior to the incident, Omotosho and Olorunsogo national independent power plants were already out of operation due to gas supply issues.
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