Godfatherism: Northern Group Warns Yorubas Against Attacks on El-Rufai


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Godfatherism: Northern Group Warns Yorubas Against Attacks on El-Rufai

National President ,Dr. Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu

Arewa group under umbrella of Northern People Unity and Reconciliation Union has issued strong warming against Yoruba groups attacking Kaduna State Governor ,Malam Nasir El-Rufai over recent statement on “Lagos Godfatherism”.

The National President, Comrade Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu in a Statement made availably to Daily Newstime said , ” Our Attention has been drawn to many press releases by some Yoruba groups attacking the Personality of Mal. Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufai on simple question asked by a Yoruba man and gentle answer or response .

“We wish State clearly that Malam Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufai as an Author, politician and Administrator Per Excellence that have all the knowledge required to know Nigeria, political players, political system, and the political climate Vis-a- vis Leadership and Governance who has shown that he’s a pace setter, patriotic and detrabilized Nigerian and a true son of North.”

The group ,which said it wont join issue with these Yoruba groups , asked them to stay clear of El-Rufai,stressing ” He is our son and we love him .”

However , It put the following questions to the various groups attacking the Kaduna Governor :”What has he done wrong? Has El-Rufai said one thing that is not true about Lagos politics or political players?

“Has he insulted the political leadership of Lagos?

“Is his assertion of Lagos politics not true?

” Is the number of registered voters in Lagos short of the figures he mentioned?

“Is the number of votes cast in the last election more than the figures he mentioned?

“Is it wrong to speak on the Political right and Liberty of Lagosians?

“He simply was answering a question, or is it wrong to answer question when asked?

“Why the Quagmire on a simple answer or response to a question?

” Talking of 2023 has he no right to aspire to whatever position he so desires?

“On Security challenges, is it only in Kaduna state that there’s challenges ?

“Has he not been up and doing as a patriotic leader and true son of Kaduna .
Who amongst the governors is doing what he is doing in terms peace building and insuring and or involving all security agencies in the fight against in security in his state?

“Talking on the overall development of Kaduna could anyone devoid of politics say he is not doing well in Kaduna considering the resources available ?

“Politically has he not been practically visible in almost all activities/engagement of the party both at state , regional and national level, as assigned by the party?

“Has he not been a bridge builder withing the ranks of party?

“Has he not shown his self to be a loyal and committed party member?

“Has he not shown his self to be a mentor and detribalised Nigerian?

“Did you want to silence him because he fearlessly speaks the truth?

“Please leave Mal. Nasiru El-Rufai’s alone.He has said or done nothing wrong.”


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