A Party Man deserves Legislative leadership


A Party Man deserves Legislative leadership

Solid decades of progressive Politics,a History collection of Hon. Timothy Owoeye,a testimony to party Loyalty.

Tracing the political history and development of Hon Timothy Owoeye has proven all facts and figures of his experience beyond any form of argument and criticism about his personality beyond reasonable doubt, haven recorded years of existence withing the tentacle of progressive Political affiliation from the commencement of fourth republic till this present era of modern Politics in Nigeria.

Acknowledging his stay within the periscope established by the former Governor of Osun H.E. Bisi Akande In the year 1999 while Timothy Owoeye was given the opportunity to serve the people of his ward in Ilesa East local government amazed electorates and members of All Progressive Congress in the State on his gesture of commitment, Patriotism and dogged support for the party norms ,Value , Culture , Project and Developmental Agenda for adequate elevation of the party.

Without any iota of doubt,the next four years journey of State of Osun House of Assembly deserves a qualitative leadership with inclusive legislative maturity and master plan to enhance legislation and Bills formation to support the process of Governance by the Executive in the state ,this can only be achieved with a man who posses the charismatic qualities, Legislative Participatory experience and formation of law attributes with Maximum Human Management capabilities.

In the bid to respect public perspectives,party interests and Members request for APC to consider Hon. Timothy Owoeye to lead 7th State parliament suggest various anticipations from him to materialise his plans if considered.

Why should it be Owoeye?

Considering his Political stability and consistency withing the established philosophy of the party between 1999 till date,his qualitative legislative strength as a councillor , Minority leader of the state house in 2007 , Minority leader from 2011 to till date,apart from all the aforementioned,he is a grassroots politician who understands the gimmicks and tactics of rural Politics with great connection to his people.

People of Ilesa East and it’s environs can justify his goodwill and contributions to human capacity development, Empowerment and Fund raising for youths and students of his constituency.

In 2007 ,while he was the Minority leader of the House during Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola’s administration,he was lobbied with a sum of 60 million naira to cross carpet to People Democratic Party (PDP),but he declined the juicy offer simply because of his party loyalty ,this is enough to trace a unique loyalty and faithfulness to him without any purpose of doubt.

History has justified his existence in the party from AD(alliance for democracy) to AC(Action Congress) to ACN(Action Congress of Nigeria) which finally metamorphosed to APC (All progressive Congress ) ,he has never joined PDP(People’s Democratic Party) for any reason or started from the party.

The time to be Historical about his Antecedents is now!


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