Isa Ashiru Urges Muslims to Maintain Ramadan Fast Virtues  …Prays for end to insecurity

Isa Ashiru Urges Muslims to Maintain Ramadan Fast Virtues
…Prays for end to insecurity

The candidate of the People Democratic Party in the last governorship election in Kaduna State, Alhaji Isa Ashiru Kudan has called on Muslims to maintain the virtues of the Ramadan Fast in their daily affairs.
Alhaji Ashiru, while congratulating Muslims for successfully completing the Ramadan Fast, urged them to continue to pray for peace and stability in Kaduna State and the country as a whole.
A statement by the PDP governorship candidate said the Ramadan period provided an opportunity for Muslims to be close to Allah and to perfect their religion in the best way possible.
He emphasized on the need for people to continue to pray for an end to the insecurity in the state and other parts of the country, stressing that, the situation can only be overcome through dedication to prayers and seeking the forgiveness of God.

” We have to be dedicated in prayers. Sometimes, it is our own attitude to man and to God that leads us to facing some kind of calamity without us really understanding what is happening to us as a people. The best thing to do is to continue to seek for forgiveness and we may be lucky to attract the Mercy of God.

Alhaji Isa Ashiru enjoined people to maintain the good relationship they established with each other during the month of Ramadan, saying this would ensure the desired peaceful coexistence among various tribes and communities in the state.
He said,

” I strongly believe that if we maintain the relationship we build during the Ramadan Fast, where you find in some communities, people,irrespective of their religious inclination and because of the spirit of the period, embrace one another and support one another. So why can’t we continue that way even after the fasting period?
During the Sallah celebration you see Muslims and Christians visiting one another and sending messages of love to one another. This is the spirit that we should continue with and imbibe at all times”. He added.


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