Senate Valedictory Session: I Served My People With Dignity and Honour -Senator Shehu Sani

Senate Valedictory Session: I Served My People With Dignity and Honour -Senator Shehu Sani
The most important achievement in public office is coming with honour and leaving with greater honour. For those who are conscious of history and the philosophy of life,power or an opportunity to serve is temporary.
It’s only those intoxicated with power that see the permanence in power.

When people are elected into the parliament, they are not just called upon to represent their people,but also to inspire them,motivate them and defend them with honour and grace.William Shakespeare once said “if we live true to ourselves,we cannot be false to anyone”.

The parliament is not a Ministry or department or an agency of the FG.It’s a democratic institution established,backed and powered by the constitution to perform its functions as clearly spelt out.It’s the duty and responsibility of every man or woman worthy of and deserving of his seat to defend the independence and sanctity of the parliament he is elected to serve.When men lost the moral courage to speak the truth to power,they help in laying the building blocks of tyranny.Democracy has the tendencies of metamorphosing in to tyranny without the vigilance of the parliament.
There are some of us that are not politically good in keeping our seat at all cost,but we know how to keep our honour at all cost.You are not elected to come to the parliament and become loyalists or subservient to any political deity or power,you are here to represent your people and do the biding of the constitution of our great country.Stooges and lackeys are cowards without any measure of conscience or conviction,they are the rubber in the stamp.People who are control by their stomach and not their brain deserve no place in the parliament.
Fear is contagious and courage is contagious and in the words of great American poet Maya Angelou, “I’m not in this world to just to survive but to thrive and I do so with passion,with compassion and with honour and with style.Senators should operate above fear and should be ready to fight and confront anyone in the defense of the constitution and the dignity and independence of this parliament.

Our country is sick.We are confronted with both challenges and crisis.No nation can squarely address its problems with a divided house.Exploitation of our religious and ethnic divisions for political ends is a dangerous trend to perdition.We must combat those who seek to divide.

When people look up to the parliament, they are looking up to you to do your duty as defined by the constitution and not to dishonorably and cowardly kow tow to anyone.I feel accomplished that I represented and served my people with dignity and honour……..

Senator Shehu Sani represents Kaduna Central Senatorial District .


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