Re-elected Abakaliki North Member’ll Emerge Speaker of Ebonyi 6th Assembly, Bishop Iro Proclaims 


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Re-elected Abakaliki North Member’ll Emerge Speaker of Ebonyi 6th Assembly,Bishop Iro Proclaims
By Chbueze Victor, Abakaliki

The Bishop of Riches of Grace Bible Church, Bishop Dr. Ernest Anayo Iro, has proclaimed that the re-elected member of Abakaliki North state constituency in Ebonyi Assembly would emerge the 6th Speaker of the state House.
Bishop Iro made the proclamation on last Saturday during his 60th birthday party and his 33 years of Bishopric anniversary held in his Church, Abakaliki.
“Your inauguration on Tuesday is a divine assignment. I have seen that by the special grace of God you will be the next speaker, it is the grace of God upon you. Congratulations, my sister”, the Bishop told Hon. Franca Okpo, proclaiming further for her becoming the 6th Ebonyi Assembly Speaker.
This is following the valedictory session held recently in Ebonyi, where speculations on whom to become the speaker of the State 6th Assembly have been a serious issue in contention, attracting predictions from different quarters in the state.
However, our reporter gathered that three lawmakers re-elect including the Speaker of 5th Assembly, Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonnaya Francis Nwifuru, representing Izzi West, Rt Hon. Franca Okpo representing Abakaliki North and their colleague, Rt. Hon. Victor Aleke representing Ebonyi North West in the state House are on the fore-front of the race among other aspirants having interest over the 6th Assembly speakership.

Investigation has also revealed that the interest of the political stalwarts and stakeholders of the state are currently clashing, and have become the front burner of the state contest consequent to the House election holding on Monday.

According to anonymous sources, the most stakeholders in Ebonyi North senatorial zone have been allegedly canvassing and lobbing the House members to vote out the former Speaker Nwifuru during the election, to ensure his alleged governorship ambition in 2023 is belittled put in a jeopardy.

“Most of the stakeholders in Ebonyi state particularly in Ebonyi North are lobbing the house members to vote against the former speaker Nwifuru for re-election.
“May be they are doing all these to cripple Ogbonnaya Nwifuru’s governorship ambition in 2023”, one of the sources said.

Hon. Franca Okpo has declared that it is only God’s will would prevail owning to the proclamation of the Bishop on her becoming the Ebonyi next Speaker during her interaction with newsmen.
Though, a good number of people particularly from Ebonyi North where of the opinion that if the Speakership position happens denied Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru, it would favour his co-lawmaker, Rt. Hon. Victor Aleke of Ebonyi North West in considering his competence in delivery his legislative functions during his 5th Ebonyi Assembly while most youth from north canvassed that the former is speaker should be reelected owning his legislative experience, order and tranquility the House had under his watch during the 5th Assembly.

Yet, investigation has equally revealed that lawmakers from the state Central zone, precisely from Ezza Nation are ready set to nominate a single lawmaker to contest the seat of the speaker should the three lawmakers from their sister clan, Izzi fail to harmonize their interest before the election.



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