Deputy Senate President : Senator Gaya Gets North-Central NYC Support 


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Deputy Senate President : Senator Gaya Gets National Youth Council Support
Hon. Saidu Ahmed Enagi, Deputy Secretary General , National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Niger State Chapter, in a press statement declared his support for Senator Kabir Gaya as Deputy Senate President of the 9th Assembly.
Hon. Enagi said, the support is based on the leadership qualities of the senator as a former Governor, 4th term Senator with a vast legislative experience on virtually all the fundamental political development issues in Nigeria. He is cosmopolitan, an Architect by profession and a bona-fide democrat.
Similarly, North-West has produced 6 million votes for the success of the contemporary Buhari-Osinbajo dispensation. Senator Kabir Gaya govern 16 Local Governments in Kano South making him the Senator with the largest constituency in the Nigeria Parliament.
Hon. Enagi said Sen. Gaya is qualified for this bid from all ramification. The candidacy will not in any way affect the geo-political arrangements from an Federal Character or Separation of powers perspective.



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