Osun Assembly Angry Over Exaggerated Media Reports on Insecurity


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Osun Assembly Angry Over Exaggerated Media Reports on Insecurity

Rt. Hon. Timothy Owoeye

The 7th Osun State House of Assembly premiered its official parliamentary session today, the 19th of June 2019 where Rt Hon. Timothy Owoeye presided over the meeting for the first time as the elected Hon. Speaker of the House.

A variety of issues concerning the interest of the state and the nation at large, were discussed and deliberated upon by the Honourable members of the House. Among issues ,which stood out and was predominantly reiterated was the insecurity and hyperbolized media reportage in the State of Osun.
In a statement, the Honourable speaker of the House, Timothy Owoeye expressed his disapproval of the unruly mannerism in which social media users tend to exaggerate and falsify the actual reality of the condition of security in the state.
The speaker went on to announce that the media often attributes and associates Osun State with crisis and exigency that transpires in other states and affirms that he perceives the mischief as a retarded political device employed by the opposition body, in a bid to flaw and sabotage the good work of the incumbent administration.

He continued by expressing his contentment with the current security status of Osun state as he explains that the state continues to hold its position as one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria and that the rate of violence and insurgency is minimal to none.

This assertion is however reinforced as sources reveal that the Foreign and Commonwealth office (FCO) of the United Kingdom has cautioned British nationals against travelling to twenty one (21) states in Nigeria because of the incessant amount of terrorism and unexpected attacks among which Osun state was excluded.

Before proceedings were brought to a close, the speaker endeared his fellow honourable members to put forward pragmatic approaches that can be mechanized in curbing the almost insignificant criminal activities of hoodlums, felons and outlaw who are out to taint the image of the state of Osun.


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