Ebonyi Assembly Leader Harps on Sacredness of  Family Law in Marriage


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Ebonyi Assembly Leader Harps on Sacredness of Family Law in Marriage

By Chibueze Victor, Abakaliki

The Leader of Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Chukwu Victor Uzoma, has called married partners to reckon on the true reflection and practice in accordance to the Biblical assertion on marital bound, emphasizing on the priority of family law in a union between a man and a woman, saying that marriage deserves undiluted sacredness by every couple.

Hon. Chukwu was speaking on how to promote a healthy relationship among married partners on last Saturday at Osborn Lapam Hotel in Abakaliki during Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Umahi’s wedding ceremony.

According to him, many homes have suffered setback due to one problem or the other emanating from problems caused by married partners.

He hinted that there is no marriage that will stand without God’s support and providence, pointing that, “marriage institution is built by God himself, and that’s why there is no union between a man and a woman will progress without God, the Creator of every creature including the marriage institution.”

The Leader further explained that marriage is not a child play business, but a game of mature minds.

“Marriage is for men and women, it is not for boys and girls. It entails unconditional love, maturity, responsibility, tolerance and understanding. If one cares to have a good marriage relationship, it calls for understanding your partner”, he said.

He also noted that marriage transcends in other aspect of human relationships but advised that the union between a man and a woman should be handled by partners involved with a high esteem and respect.

“It is wise to maintain a cordial relationship in any society one founds himself. Culturally, socially, politically, economically, and otherwise, human beings have been establishing one kind of relationships or the other. The important thing is to keep promoting peace and unity in the union. In that effect, we must understand everything happening in the larger society started in the smaller society.
And this implies, the sacredness of family or marriage relationship per se should not be underplayed.

“We must learn to maintain peace and order right from the smallest unit of the society, our family law or order is very important and prior to others in marriage relationship. Meaning that, we should learn fast to build peace in our families. The fastest way to make peace is by giving an accommodative spirit to equity, fairness, justice, and tolerance to all the parties involved, with full trust and faith in God because He is the beginning and the end of everything. May God bless the married partners.”

Collaborating, Mr. Oji Umahi hinted that marriage is a legal entity which sacredness should not be underplayed, adding that it is a business of mature individuals.

He therefore, wished the celebrants, Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Umahi a blissful married life.


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