Stepfather Rapes Two Stepdaughters ,Gets one pregnant


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Stepfather Rapes Two Stepdaughters ,Gets one pregnant
Depraved’ stepfather raped his stepdaughters from the age of eight – getting one pregnant and refusing to feed the other unless she gave in to his sick sexual demands
He raped two of his stepdaughters and one gave birth to his child at age 16
His eight-year-old victim was refused food if she didn’t give into sexual demands
A stepfather preyed on his partner’s young daughters, impregnating one and refusing to feed another if she didn’t give into his sexual demands.
The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was jailed for 18 years by County Court Victoria judge Paul Higham on July 19.
The court heard the man, aged in his early 40s, told the eight-year-old he owned her genitalia and threatened to kill her family if she spoke about the abuse.
In an act of ‘true depravity’ the man would refuse to feed her if she denied his advances and would reward her with food when she complied.
The girl was ‘thrown around like a rag doll’ as she would be dragged by her feet into her mother’s bedroom where she was sexually assaulted while screaming, Judge Higham told the court.
The court heard the man, aged in his 40s, threatened to kill his eight-year-old victim’s family if she spoke about the abuse and would only feed her as a reward for sexual activity (stock image)
In one instance, the man was watching the horses on TV when he forced the victim to perform oral sex.
In another case of offending, the girl was beaten when she refused to climb into the front seat of the car and ‘play with it’ after dropping the man’s three biological children at their mother’s home.
When they returned home, the man punched her.
The girl told her mother about the abuse at age 10 but did not reveal the sexual nature until years later she was a teenager in year nine of high school.
When the relationship with the girl’s mother ended, the man began dating another woman who lived with two of her daughters and he began to prey on one of them.
He was married to the woman for six years and they began the process of separating when the 16-year-old victim began to show the symptoms of pregnancy.
The abuse was first reported to police in 2016 – just months after the second victim gave birth.
Source:Daily Mail



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