Umahi Expresses Readiness to Revitalize Ebonyi Educational system


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Umahi Expresses Readiness to Revitalize Ebonyi Educational system

By Chibueze Victor, Abakaliki

Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State has unveiled his top priorities among his second term transformational agenda as to revitalize the state educational system.

Governor Umahi who said on Tuesday that apart from his focal concern on health in his second term administration, has a key interest to revitalize the state educational system and security before he would continue with the infrastructure development of the state.

The state Governor made this known while speaking after the inauguration of the additional Senior Special Assistants, SSAs, Special Assistants, SAs; Chairman and members of the State Education Board, SEB, at Exco-Chamber, Government House, Abakaliki.

Umahi charged all his appointees to ensure they embark on aggressive supervision as related to their individual offices to show a true reflection of what the state government expected of them.

He further advised chairman and members of SEB to work together with UBEB and the ministry of education to revive the state educational system.

“The appointment of secondary education board chairman and the members is not a patronage. I actually removed the chairman because in the first appointment, there was visually no impact to the education board. I am not sure they have understood their callings. I am not sure that they understand that they have to justify their appointment. That the education system must have an improvement.

“The problem we have in the state is that 99 percent of the people we appoint regard it as a patronage. They only recognize it as an appointment when the see alert. But that is not going to be the case.

“I charge the chairman of the board to divide the members into zones so that the work loads of government should not fall on the board but the individual people who are not performing.

“I have no reason to see civil servants of secondary education board not performing. The civil servants of the board should be divided into local government areas to go and supervise. UBEB should also work with the ministry of education and SEB. All SSAs, SAs and the board officials should always be on their duty posts.

“Any body who is not coming to work or that is not performing, I will easily refer the outcome to the chairman whether in the SEB or in UBEB.

“I appeal to SEB to work with UBEB and ministry of education. I expect 95 percent of SEB, UBEB and ministry of education to always be in the field. Let 95 percent of the boards and ministries be in the field. This is because we want to make first in education. Our focus is that, health first and education second, security third before we proceed in other areas for infrastructure development. We must make this possible.

“You know, one appointment attracts to me over 1000 enemies, it is because I gave you an appointment. So, you must work hard to convince me you are the best.”

“I must commend the SA on labour, that woman is doing well. The woman came and recreated the office. In the same way, I charge you to do like wise, create wealth and stop complaining of money. I want to be sure that you make out something meaningfully in your respective offices.”

The governor had earlier bemoaned his first term appointees under SEB and few others in different ministries for not performing well, stressing that his appointment to any person was not a patronage.

“The appointment of any person is not a patronage. The appointment of the SEB chairman and the members is not a patronage. In my first tenure, those whom I appointed into SEB didn’t perform well. It is not what I expect from you.

“I have understood that 99 percent of the appointees regard the offer as a patronage, no I charge you to work.”

The governor charged the chairman to ensure that all the members of the board work to achieve an expected result by the state government.

He therefore, advised his Senior Special Assistant on Special Education, Dr. Mrs. Chinyere Elom to swing into action to ensure the three schools chosen by his administration to make a special and vocational secondary schools start in earnest including other appointees whom he challenged to convince Ebonyi with their competence by the quality service they render in their various offices.


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