Your destructive agent has left the Senate, Fanwo mocks Kogi PDP


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Your destructive agent has left the Senate, Fanwo mocks Kogi PDP

The Director General of Media and Publicity to the Kogi State Governor, Mr Kingsley Fanwo has mocked the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) over its desperate attempt at blocking the payment of over 10 billion Naira promissory note due to Kogi State Government as refund for money spent in rehabilitating federal roads in the State.
Fanwo stated this while reacting to what he called the “irresponsible and reprehensible Statement on the issue by the jobless People’s Democratic Party”.
In the statement, Fanwo stated that
“Kogi State would have gotten the refund for long but for the obstructive tendencies of the former Senator representing Kogi West Senatorial District, Dino Melaye. He was able to obstruct the refund to the state because of his closeness to the then Senate President.
“It should be noted that other states had gotten their refund except Kogi State. The President, by writing to the Senate for the approval of the refund has displayed his father figure as the father of the nation who supports and promote equity and fairness. A good number of contractors who executed the contracts then, many of whom are from the state are still being owed. It is therefore unpatriotic for anyone to advocate that the state be denied what is due to it. The refund has absolutely nothing to do with the forthcoming election and PDP should stop misleading the public.
“Now that their agent of retrogression has been kicked out of the Senate for his fraudulent electoral victory; the hapless PDP has resorted to wailing to high heavens by issuing scandalous and anti-people statements to deprive the Kogi people the injection of over 10 billion Naira to infrastructural development in the State.
“The figures being bandied about by the party is no different from the claim by their Governorship candidate that there was a Federal Medical Center in Kabba as against Specialist Hospital.The PDP hierarchy has shown a gross failure of knowledge about the state it is aspiring to govern. Pray, what has turned the PDP to a party of falsehood peddlers and irredeemable sensationalists who have grown a culture of facts misrepresentation.
“As a fiscally responsible government, the administration of Alh. Yahaya Bello has continually published its earnings and expenditures, including the bailout funds and the Paris Refund.
“The PDP should give credit to the administration of Yahaya Bello for helping the party pay government officials who served during their era. Nothing could be more irresponsible than owing people you appoint to work with you. Governor Yahaya Bello has spent over 2 billion Naira on the payment of political office holders appointed but not paid by the PDP administrations. If they had paid those they appointed, the 2 billion Naira would have been channeled to the provision of water and roads for the masses. Have they told Kogites how they shared the billions of Naira meant for small scale entrepreneurs in the State? The pen-happy sinking party is truly confused and should nurse the injury of losing the enemy of the Kogi people who has been their agent in the Senate”.
Fanwo said no Administration in the history of the state has been as transparent as the Yahaya Bello Administration; urging the PDP to stop embarrassing the state with their “false and irresponsible statements”.
He thanked Mr President for standing on the path of justice and equity, assuring that the refund will be channeled into completing ongoing projects in the state as well as initiating new people-oriented projects.



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