At 6am outing, Zulum orders new schools for 7,600 pupils


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At 6am outing, Zulum orders new schools for 7,600 pupils

Borno Governor, Prof Babagana Umara Zulum went out 6am today to assess some ongoing projects and areas of community needs in Maiduguri and surrounding areas.

In the course of the outing, Zulum directed the building of new primary schools with combined total of 190 classrooms to accommodate at least 7,600 potential pupils.

The Governor directed the construction of two mega schools, each with 60 classrooms at Gwange 3 and Muna areas. The two schools will have 120 classrooms with each to accommodate 40 pupils. A total of 4,800 pupils will be in both schools.

At Shehu Sanda Kyarimi Primary school visited by the Governor, he ordered the construction of 10 new classrooms and inspected the renovation of existing ones. At least 40 pupils will be accommodated by the 10 classrooms.

Zulum inspected 60 classrooms at Moramti Mega school and Hostels facilities at the Borno State University.

At Bulumkuttu primary school, the Governor promised measures to improve access to education needs for 10,357 pupils of the school.

Beside schools, the Borno Governor visited a skills acquisition center being constructed by his administration in Munna to tackle youth unemployment in the state.

The centre is designed with 14 training units on tailoring, tie and die, solar installation, plumbing, refrigeration, air conditioning and others.

The centre is expected to be commissioned in May 2020.

Zulum was also at Abbaganaram where directed that, a clinic should be built to improve public access to primary healthcare.



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