Hope Builders Inaugurates Abuja Leadership Team 


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In its bid to  empower more less privileged  young persons and create  knowledge based opportunities for them  ,  the Kaduna based Non Governmental Organisation under aegis of Hope Builders International Consult Limited has inaugurated the Federal Capital Territory ,Abuja leadership team. 

From information made available to Daily Newstime Nigeria , Hope Builders International Consult Ltd is a non profit consulting firm organized exclusively for Educational, Scientific, Community empowerment and Consultancy purposes.

In his speech during the inauguration ceremony held at Abuja , the Founder , Reverend Mathias Yashim said the management team is  convinced that the challenges that confront Africans are multi-dimensional and complex and thus require an integration of responses that address young people’s intellectual, economic, social, emotional and spiritual empowerment needs. 

He however, said the need to establish the Abuja Leadership team is not only important for the purpose of coordination ,  but also necessary to extend hand of fellowship  to the  underprivileged youth with trending skills to thrive in the rapidly changing society and to enable them participate in the global economic prosperity.
According to him,  the Abuja leadership team is a team of like-minded persons under the chairmanship of Mr. Timothy Hassan Tsan to facilitate the activities of the organization in the FCT, Abuja Nigeria. 

Other members of the team include: Mrs. Salome Awe,  Vice Chairman; Mr. Habila Kayit ,Secretary,Ms. Abigail Dada Auta , Assistant Secretary ,Mr Theck Alhamdu Makeri ,Publicity secretary, Miss. Queen Yaya Lawrence, Welfare Secretary with former Kaduna Justice Commissioner ,Bar. Mark Jacob  and Founder of Caleb Foundation ,Capt. Caleb Danladi Bako as patrons .

Reverend Yashim further said; ” I believe in the change-making potential in young people. Therefore all our activities are focus at building leaders, strengthening the lives and sharpening the skills of young people for community and sustainable development. 
“Our integral development program is made up of vocational skills training in market related technical and commercial trades, small enterprise development services, life skills education, inspirational talks, academic coaching and promotion of talents in arts.
” Given the growing population of restless unemployed youth, our focus is on young people in tertiary education and those who recently entered the labor market. 
“We observed that youths focus on securing employment in more traditional fields neglecting the opportunity of creating employment for themselves by reacting to the needs and solving problems that exist in their communities.
 “Also, that jobs go unfilled and youths are left idle because young people don’t possess the skills that employers are looking for. Failure to absorb new entrants to the workforce and into productive employment means an increasing cohort of frustrated youths at risk of being drawn toward violent conflict and social vices. 
“Although the government has taken action to increase access to education and improve funding for public schools and universities, these solutions do not address problems with educational content and curricula. 
“Hope Builders believe that education should match the desires of the society and the labour market. It must be more flexible, risky and full of entrepreneurship. We believe that the best education is one that opens learner’s minds to think critically, learner’s hearts to embrace all even when they disagree, and learner’s hand’s to be practical in all endeavors. 

“This will give birth to a new generation of young problem solvers and entrepreneurs. The primary purpose of education should be to enrich the learners and by extension the society. It is essential to create an enabling environment for youths to thrive and participate in the rapidly changing global economy.” 


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