Storytelling Meeting : Hope Builders Host Pastor James Wuye 


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Hope Builders International hosted Pastor ( Dr.) James Movel Wuye in an inspiring Storytelling meeting in Kaduna .

Pastor ( Dr.) James Movel Wuye


The event held on 25th February, 2020is organised to create a platform for   storytelling as  one of the methods and commitment employed by Hope Builders to empower young people with trending skills to enable them thrive in the global economic prosperity. 

Reverend Mathias Yashim , who is the Founder of non profit based NGO said, ” It is a human art form that teaches about the human experience”. 
He explained , ” Storytelling has been instituted in the program of Hope Builders because ,it is one of the most important traditions humans possess, and every story contains a lesson to instruct the audience. 

” We believe in the change making potentials in young people. Therefore, we will keep the platform busy with stories that teach us to love, to forgive others, to be just and to strive for better than we have. 
While celebrating the life of a successful social entrepreneur and peacemaker, I challenge all to embrace the art of oral storytelling in the development of youth’s social and emotional abilities, cognitive growth, as well survival skills” .

According to him , Dr. Movel is a Co-Director of Interfaith Mediation Center, Nigeria  and visionary leader of global impact, social entrepreneur, who is an Ashoka fellow. 
“He has received 3 honorary Doctorate degrees from 3 internationally recognized universities. He is passionate about youth and community development.” He added .
Narrating his life story from birth to where he is now as global citizen, he emphasized that to be successful one must be purposeful, visionary and persistent. 

He encouraged entrepreneurship and multiple skills development. He frowned at single trade or business and encourage multiple streams of business.

 As an expert in mediation, he opined that there will always be conflicts and crisis in the world and encourage youths not only to be peace lovers but to become active peace makers. 
As a Pastor, he emphasized that practical love is the solution to all the crisis in the world. He concluded by saying that Love conquers all. It was an inspiring moment because storytelling is a fundamental human experience that unites people and drives stronger, deeper connections. Participants who are all youths learn from observations, first hand experiences, and by sharing those experiences through the stories with the guest.