FCT Water Board ,An Epitome of Credible Service


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The gentleman’s choice to distinguish himself by providing excellent leadership became repulsive and repugnant to some few persons imbedded in them a DNA that is only endeared to failure and corrupt personal aggrandisement of the resources meant for the good and well-being of the citizenry and in the  instant case,residents of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. 

Despite the remarkable turnaround of the fortunes of FCT ,Water Board which is evident to all eyes, and as lawyers say “ipso liquitor” (the thing speaks for itself), the FCT Chairman of AUPCTURE, Aliyu Maradun, self-style antagonist hell-bent to  ensure that the general manager vacate his seat, exit the board and be slandered for  sins he did not commit and knows nothing about. 

In fact, for imaginary sins that exist only in their vain imaginations and minds; just because of applauds he receives when delivering excellent services, thriving, where others have failed, and also being  a stumbling block to their ill-conceived plans to corruptly enrich themselves for the  purpose of funding Aliyu Maradun’s Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Presidential  ambition. 

They say he who comes to equity comes with clean hands – contrary wise, Aliyu Maradun the Union Leader, who is currently under investigation by one of the country’s leading anti-corruption agency on multiple and separate embezzlement cases as Chairman of AUPCTURE and as an employee of FCT Water Board; awaiting prosecution has no moral right to accuse the General Manager of any malfeasance. 

We sincerely advise such persons not to allow themselves be used in running down  a genuine cause under the leadership and management of the current General  Manager; rather join hands in effecting positive turnarounds of the fortunes of FCT  Water Board just like other numerous staff of the board and residents of the FCT are appreciating the excellent services they are receiving from the Water Board.

We are the choices we make!
The Integrity GroupAUPCTURE FCT Chapter.Abuja .


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