Easter: SOKAPU Conveys Message of Love ,Solidarity  to Southern Kaduna People


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Easter: SOKAPU Conveys Message of Love ,Solidarity  to Southern Kaduna People
By Femi Adi
As Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ across the world , the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) has  conveyed the message of love and solidarity to the entire people of Southern Kaduna.
In a statement signed by SOKAPU President ,Hon. Jonathan Asake , “Easter marks two remarkable days, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Good Friday symbolizes sacrifice and love for the salvation of mankind, while Easter Sunday represents the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.”
The statement further reads : ” This year’s Easter that is supposed to be celebrated with the usual activities could not happen as expected due to the global pandemic, Coronavirus, which has held the entire world captive, thereby making the season not to be celebrated as usual.
“As we celebrated this Easter in our homes in obedience to government’s order, we as a people should embrace an increasing devotion in celebrating our shared humanity through love and sacrifice as epitomized by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
“Let me seize this opportunity to thank our people in obeying the stay-at-home order and other instructions by government to contain the spread of this deadly virus, not only in Southern Kaduna but the entire country.
” I plead with you to continue to persevere through the current hardship brought about by the lockdown order as issued by government; this is for our own good as we need to be alive and well in order to carry on with any activity.
“I am not unaware of the difficulties our families and loved ones have been plunged into as a result of the lockdown order. Indeed, I have, just like many of you, been inundated with distressed calls, text messages and personal requests on the extreme situations of food shortages, sicknesses and other challenges in our homes during this difficult period.
“Despite all these challenges, I implore all of us to continue to be a source of strength, hope ad inspiration to our family members and loved ones, knowing that no matter how long and frustrating the night may be, joy cometh in the morning.
“As a people, we should take our present situation as an opportunity to reflect on our challenges and begin to think out of the box for our common survival. Remember that for the past four years plus, we have suffered brazen neglect by the government but have continued to survive. Our resilience and determination have been a source of strength and inspiration in weathering our storms.  
“Let us consider the deprivation by government as a preview of the challenges awaiting not only our people, but the entire citizens of Nigeria. The plunging of crude oil prices in the international market prognosticates harder days ahead in terms of revenue generation for the country, which implies that it does not take only a hateful government for us to face hardship, but decreasing revenue generation as seen in the recent collapse of crude oil prices could lead to more difficult days ahead, and so we must be prepared for it.
“This should begin to prepare us to explore alternative ways of survival such as skills acquisition, creating small businesses and corporative societies for agricultural development, among others. In line with the vision of ensuring a paradigm shift in our survival, SOKAPU under my leadership is working towards developing an effective blueprint in confronting our challenges.
” SOKAPU wishes to thank the Kaduna State Government for embarking on various measures to keep our people safe. We are also grateful to traditional rulers, religious leaders, community development association leaderships, leaders of our local government branches and state chapters of our great Union, our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora for all the efforts they are deploying to contain this virus and ensure we remain safe.
“May the spirit of Easter which is the embodiment of love, sacrifice and protection of the Lord remain with all of us now and forever.”



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