Ban of Motorcycles : Ebonyi Residents Trek amidst hike in Transport Fares


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Motorcycles Ban: Trekking Upgraded as T-fare Rises in Ebonyi

By Victor Nwegede

Ebonyi residents have no other option than trekking to meet up with their daily transactions and engagement following the rise on the transportation fares due to the ban of motorcycles operatives in the state.

All drivers and operators of commercial vehicles have increased transportation fares on every route they ply in the state.

The tricyclists who are the major commercial vehicle operators are now scarce unlike before, and they have as a result of the new development increased their charges on a drop.

“We increased the passengers’ t-fares because we are not allowed to carry more than two passengers per drop. And you understand the number of taskforce has increased. They can make one to face any kind of allegations, if not obstruction, it will be wrong packing. We have to option but to increase transport fare”, tricyclist source who identified himself as Jonah King said alongside others.

Daily Newstimes gathered that per drop in Abakaliki town cost not less than #100 instead of the normal #50 or #70 in a shortest distance if not it would be adjusted higher.

While the bus drivers in the state have highly increased their charges, the passengers and citizens became frustrated because they complained lacks of money and transport means. Some residents mostly the indigent ones have resorted on bicycle transportation especially in the rural areas.

“Instead of #100 from Abakaliki town, CAS precisely to Ishieke market, the transportation fare is now #200 with abeg, and under special consideration you can pay #250 if at all you see any vehicle. I am tired of all these. When will these problems stopped?” One of the stranded students living in Ishieke Campus in the state asked.

Another source coming from Onuebonyi to Abakaliki town equally complained that the transportation fares are no longer constant. She said that her charge while coming to the capital city was increased while going back. According to her, she paid #100 but on going back, she begged seriously before she was considered with #150 from Union bank, Abakaliki, the state capital city.

However, the state Governor, Engr. David Nweze Umahi has launched electric tricycle empowerment to enhance ease of transportation system in the state, having made plan to give palliatives to all the registered commercial motorcyclists hugely affected by the motorcycles operatives ban.


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