Murder Saga in Izzi LGA, Okpoduma Agbaja Rejects Allegation of Involvement


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Murder Saga in Izzi LGA, Okpoduma Agbaja Rejects Allegation of Involvement

By Victor Nwegede

The recent news carried by some media houses mostly on the radio alleging that the people of Okpoduma Nwofe Agbaja laid hands in the murder of an Abia state indigene, Late Mr. Kenneth Justice who was residing in their village, Okpoduma, is currently degenerating commotion in the axis as the village leaders rejected the allegation, saying none of their villagers were involved in the killing of the man.

It was gathered that, the murdered victim, Kenneth Justice was a traditional herbalist, residing at Okpoduma village in Nwofe Agbaja Community in his residential quarters, Regina Pacis Food Processing Factory in the area. But unknown assailants got into the compound of Kenneth Justice, killed and dragged him into a sucker pit with his bag on Tuesday14th day of April, 2020.

The Coordinator of Ebia Development Centre, Mr. Uchenna Nwamkpuma, stated that the case was reported and investigated by DPO Izzi Police Division and the four suspects were all arrrested, adding that the deceased body of Kenneth Justice is still deposited at General Hospital, Iboko mortuary in the area.

According to him, “it is security matter. When it was reported to me, I rushed to the scene with the DPO of Izzi division. And with the help of Okpoduma villagers, the whole circumstances surrounding the killing of the young man was unveiled. So, we started tracking those involved. By the grace of God, four of the suspects have already been arrested and handed over to the police. It was the grace of God that made us to be able to arrest them because they were on the run. And they quickly confessed to the crime without being molested. Those arrested, two happened to come from Oferekpe Agbaja in Izzi Local Government Area, one came from Nduofia Nkaleke in Ebonyi Local Government Area and the other one came from Ezza Effuim in Ohaukwu Council Area. But none came from Okpoduma Agaja as allegedly read in the radio news.”

The Coordinator also advised the people within his area to maintain peace, stressing that, “where there is peace, it is such a place that development will thrive. If they had problem, it would have not been the best by killing somebody. There are so many ways of handling issues amicably. If they had issue earlier, I think it is better they handle it amicably, settle it, and be free because taking law into your hands can never do you any good. I expect my people to be peace loving people. And they should not go about killing anybody. One should also look for what to be doing. You must not expect Government to give you job before you start doing something. Because some of these illicit acts people engage in, are as a result of having been lazy or idle. If your busy in your farms or in other places, you would not nurse crime in your mind. You become focused on how to get something to make your life more palatable and you can even help others.

“To the family of the victim, it is quite unfortunate that this incident has happened. They have lost a very dear one to them, and also dear to us because he has been here, and become part of us. If he is not part of us, we would not have taken the measure to know the circumstances surrounding his death. I want to sincerely condole with the family to bear the loss. It is a loss for all of us. I pray that God Almighty will accept his soul and grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss.”
Speaking also, the Okpoduma village head, Mr. John Nwobiya, the youth leader, Mr. Ignatius Nwodom Ijere and a member of the Local Government Advisory Committee, Mr. Oyo Paul Oleke, among other stakeholders from the area, condemned the information alleging that Okpoduma people killed the late Abia indigene who was residing in their village, maintained that the suspects involved in the murder of the said Kenneth Justice have all been arrested by the Police through their assistance and relevant authourities from the area.

“We know fully well, that through the brother of deceased, Emmanuel Edward, we got to Know about the incident. This incident got to our knowledge on 14 April, 2020 around 9am. He told us that his brother cannot be found and there was signs of attack within his residential quarters. Pools of blood were seen in the premises. We have to join the relevant authourities by inviting police, after investigation carried out, his body was found put inside a sucker pit in the premises. Through Police guide and assistance , the body was brought out from the pit, and now in the mortuary at Iboko.

“His brother equally told us that there was one boy from Nduofia Nkaleke, who used to help him to sell his herbal medicine in the markets. The boy also helped him to translate local dialect while doing their business transactions. But he had been caught two occasions, where he stole money from the murdered victim, Kenneth Justice, and he was asked to refund all the money, first, was over #170,000 and #17, 000, the second time. And the boy from Nduofia Nkaleke promised his brother to expect him on that 14th day of April for the payment.

“The incident having occurred, we have to trace the boy and we eventually, arrested the boy at his in-law’s place in a very distant village from here. The boy confessed being the architect of the murder with two boys from Oferekpe Agbaja and one guy from Ezza-Effium in Ohaukwu Council Area. They were all arrrested and handed over to police. I wonder why, the news we heard from radio is that, Okpoduma People killed the man. Our people are innocent of this allegation and the general public should kindly take note, as we urge every medium spreading the false information to take correction and avoid accusing us of any murder case because our village people have never engaged in such evil act.”

Meanwhile, our correspondent had gathered that Police have arrested the suspects including, Agom Ezekiel ‘M’ 24 years of Oferekpe Agbaja Izzi LGA, Nwokpuru Oforbuike ‘M’ 22 years of the Oferekpe Agbaja in Izzi LGA, Edeh Kelechi ‘M’ 20 years of Nduofia Nkaleke in Ebonyi LGA, being the principal party and one boy popularly known as Lion from Ezza-Effium in Ohaukwu Council Area.


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