Open Letter to His Excellency, The Executive Governor of Kaduna State -By Muhammad Kabir Uthman


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On behalf of the good citizens of kaduna state, i wish to first of all extend our gratitude and appreciation to the efforts of his Excellency, and the State Executive council on the drastic measures taken to curb the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic in our dear state

I supported you before and during Re:Elections as the Executive Governor of kaduna state and I am still with you up to this very moment and my support for you relies in the zeal i see in you and your dedication, competency, visionary leadership and the love for the progress and development you have for our dear state

_ Sir, if you recall when you imposed restriction of movement in the state, I applauded the proactive step you took because of the confidence i have in you. When i later heard the shocking news that you have contracted corona virus, i was deeply saddened and depressed. The period of your self isolation was a period of sorrow and sadness for me. I resorted to fervent prayers for your speedy recovery. I also sympathized with your family until you recovered fully and up till now, my prayers are still with you to effectively discharge your duties_

More so, I still sustain my support to you by promoting your policies and programmes as well as defending your government whenever the need arises

_ Recently, when I heard that you have successfully tested negative after two consecutive tests, I was thrilled with overwhelming happiness, joy, happiness merriment.

_But today, i stand against total lockdown of the entire state for another 30days with only Wednesday window open because “Extreme poverty anywhere is a threat to human security everywhere”~ Kofi Annan.

_ I support the above statement, as many citizens of our dear state are traders and manual workers who rely on tools and machines in a particular craft to earn their daily bread. Again, some even spend days without getting anything as reward for their hard-work._

Presently, majority of them are vulnerable because they lack food in their homes, some with little earnings have almost nothing left at home.

_Sir, hunger and poverty can do more harm than good in our society, considering the current socio-economic realities in the following ways:

i) It will add to the present hardships to the people of kaduna state

ii) It can result to breach of the rule of law

iii) It can escalate the rate of kidnapping, banditry, armed robbery and other forms of social vices

_iv) It can also promote promiscuity especially amongst youths.

v) It can wreck unnecessary and avoidable havoc occassioned by hunger, because it’s a threat to the peace,unity and harmony of citizens and dear state

vi) It can also lead to mass deaths which we don’t pray for in the state

_ Suggestions:

_Restriction of movement should be relaxed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as it is was. Also, government should put in place, modalities towards ensuring that social distancing and all the laid preventive measures by WHO such as use of facemasks, sanitizers, are strictly adhered to.

The state government should concentrate and also put more efforts in making sure that no person should be allowed to cross the state boarders for whatever reasons

The government at state level should collaborate with local and ward level to ensure proper distribution of palliatives at the grassroots level

I urge the state government to liaise with other tiers of government to increase the level of awareness of Covid-19 and it’s effects in rural communities.

It is my prayer that the above suggestions will be duly considered, as it will go a long way in having a meaningful impact in our dear state.

Yours Sincerely,
Muhammad Kabir Uthman,
MPN Governorship Candidate 2019
Kaduna state.