Covid-19 Index Case : Gov. Umahi Urges Ebonyi Residents To Be Calm


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Umahi Urges Ebonyians to Be Calm Following First Covid-19 Case Recorded

By Victor Nwegede

Following the first recorded case of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ebonyi State, Governor David Nweze Umahi has urged the state indigenes and residents to never panic over the new development, stressing that the carrier of the virus has made no physical contact with any single person within the vicinity before his isolation for medical appliances.

Daily Newstimes has gathered that the first Covid-19 index case recorded in the state remained that of a 31 year old man from Ukawu in Onicha Local Government area of Ebonyi State, who was into operation of a hire purchase business with his Sienna vehicle which he used to carry food items to Ore in Ondo State.

While commenting on the incident, Governor Umahi said, the man had usually engaged on selling food items, after which; used his vehicle to carry passengers back to South East.

His words: “He has made two journeys this year, one on 29th of March and returned to Ebonyi on 1st of April and second one at about 12th of April. While in Ore, he couldn’t get passengers to bring back to south east and he had to wait for sometime in Ore, sleeping in motor parks and filling stations.

“And when he could not, he started making his way back to South East. On his way, he saw 3 Ebonyians that were speaking Ebonyi language and he had to stop and they told him that they were going back to Ebonyi State but they were stranded.

“They called the parents and the parents agreed that he should bring them back that they will pay him while in Ebonyi State. He picked the 3 Ebonyians together with himself and they started coming back. And that was about 15th of April till about the 24th of April when they got to the border of Ebonyi State.

“From his account, they were sleeping in the filling stations, and parks while also making their way back to Ebonyi State. He wriggled his way through the border, passed through Ivo Local Government Area and through Afikpo North Local Govrrnment and to Okposi in Ohaozara Local Government Area in Ebonyi State when the Chairman of the Local Government and his team caught him.

“First, they dragged them to Okposi Police post and then, because of our policy, our policy in the state is that when any Ebonyi man had gotten to the border, there is nothing you will do that he will not get into the state.

“So the Police in Okposi and some Neighborhood Watch now took him to the stadium where the medical team, and some security agencies are and other returnees and a test was conducted on him, it came ‘positive’ and the three others came ‘negative’.

“When I was told last night, I directed that they should repeat the test this morning on the other passengers that he carried and they came negative and so we have isolated him.

“Ebonyians have nothing to fear because this young man that tested positive did not make any other contact with anybody, but for avoidance of doubt any body who made any contact with him should report to the stadium at the capital city so that he/she will be tested.”

However, the people in the state has continued expressing shock and fear following the record of the pandemic case while there was some speculated views, saying the announcement from the authorities of the state is a falsehood purported to enable them allegedly loot the country’s treasure at this time, the globe is being ravaged by the dreaded bug.

In the same vein, the Coordinator of Ekumaenyi Development Authority Centre in the state, Mr. Stephen Ebere Nwogba and an avalanche of our sources opined that, since the pandemic is universal problem, everybody should not get into fear but take the health preventive measures while fighting against the deadly disease.

Nwogba noted that the invasion of the virus in the country had crushed the economy, stressing that the whole system is in disarray, and wondered why people should see the current situation as a political fight or falsehood.

“People should disabuse their mind, by leaving the policies and directives given to them to end this pandemic by saying it is a political directive or falsehood. Because last year nobody give this kind of directives. Earlier this year, there was no directive of this kind. It is coming at this time and it is circulated on media and we have to take all the preventive measures to avoid contracting the virus because of ignorance. If you tune your radios, televisions, CNN, AIT and NTA, you can see and hear the news related to this virus. So, the answer is that everybody must take all the directives very serious for sake of our lives.”, he said.

He lamented the difficult the Anti-Covid-19 taskforce encounter to guide the borders connected with their rival communities like Ujutum, Idoro, Ofenakom, Ogamana under Obubra LGA in Cross River State but however, said presently there is a relative peace at the border, and further pleaded, that such peaceful tempo should be sustaind as he maintained that all human beings are from one source and therefore, every dispute should be buried for the sake of peace.


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