Covid-19: Female Lawmaker Speaks to Mothers Crying over Children in Abroad


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Covid-19: Female Lawmaker Speaks to Mothers Crying over Their Children in Abroad

By Victor Nwegede

The Lawmaker representing Abakaliki North in Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mrs. Franca C. Okpo has called all and sundry especially the mothers to keep to the government directives and preventive measures to avoid the continuous spread of Covid-19 pandemic in any part of the country.

The female lawmaker made this call today at her country home in Nkaleke Unuphu, Abakaliki while briefing newsmen on how to curtail the spread of coronavirus across the states in Nigeria.

Daily Newstimes Nigeria has gathered that mothers in Ebonyi State hinterlands are crying woes over their children outside the state and including the recent directive by the state government to community leaders to fish out all the returneees to their homes for the14 days isolation service and medical examinations adopted as a part of the measures in the fight against the spread of the dreaded virus which rages the globe.

But the Abakaliki North Lawmaker said, the journey on how to stop the spread of the virus has been so tough, and however noted that, health as a paramount need to life, always demands no halt to the campaign since in her words, it is a combative approach to keep the human society healthy and safety.

She further described the outbreak of the pandemic as a great threat to all humans as she pointed that, several mothers in the state and beyond have to cry woes following their children in other states of the country and those in abroad but advised them to seek God’s intervention through prayers while keeping the government directives and health guidelines.

Hear her: “I am equally a mother. My own children are not with me here too. There is nothing we can do. We should continue praying, because women are known for being prayerful. We should continue praying for our children, wherever you are, if God is not there, nothing good can happen. We should pray for our protection, for both of us at home and those in other states or abroad, so that, we will equally see them alive coming to their fathers’ homes after this trying time.

“Some of them are in different places, if for instance, they are in the same place, we would have sent a vehicle to go and pick them. If all of them are at Enugu or Lagos State, we have to send a vehicle to go and pick them. But they are not in one place and there is no way a vehicle will go from one state to another, and from one country to another because no nation is free of this pandemic now. The only thing we can do is to be praying for them and they have to be praying for us too. The Covid-19 cases are rising in numbers on the daily basis and imagined this small Ebonyi State, we recorded seven cases as at yesterday, and no one can tell what today or tomorrow will be. The role of a woman doesn’t end in kitchen these days.We women in politics, are already doubling our works and we have to ensure an effective delivery in this fight against the pandemic, because if our state is not safe, we are not safe as well, therefore, the war against covid-19 should be a collective fight.”

She equally urged everybody especially the women to maintain social distancing, washing of hands with running water, use of hand-sanitizers, and regular wearing of facemasks. “Meeting or gathering makes us happy, unlike males who derive joy in taking drinks. But females only gather, chat, as most of us don’t take drinks but we only chat, discuss and get ourselves reliefs of our problems. Because of this Covid-19, we should learn to keep away from meetings, gatherings of any kind and keep all other preventive measures for the sake of life.

“There is no political instigated crisis on Ebonyi State palliatives and the sharing modalities is harmonized. No party is exempted. The sharing of the palliatives will start soon. You know, our able Governor, His Excellency Engr. David Nweze Umahi is doing all he can to provide the palliatives and he is trying to ensure that when Mr. ‘A’ gets, then, Mr. ‘B’ will equally get. It is not only rice but other things are involved. We are going to share the pallatives but not all homes will get them, it is meant for the most vunerables”, She added.

The lawmaker has thus, called for calmness and prayers by all humans especially the mothers for their children outside and those within the state for their safety and healthy living.


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