How Girl 13, Escapes Being Raped in Ebonyi


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How Girl, 13, Escapes Being Raped in Ebonyi
By Victor Nwegede

A 13-year old girl got saved today from the hands of a man suspected to be a rapist or ritualist after buying N10 chewing gum for him through the assistance of some security men in Abakaliki.

Narrating the incident, the girl, Success Ezinne Ekuma told journalists that the man who is not less than 40 years old asked her while packaging sand with her younger sister at Ezikwo road side in Abakaliki but gave her N10 to buy chewing gum for him around 8am on this Friday.

Having finished packing the sand, she collected the N10 from the man and went home with her younger sister who had already become hungry.

Reaching their house with the sister, she was only allowed to come back for the packing of sand by her father who asked the younger one to stay back home for have become hungry.

Then, Ezinne went and bought the N10 chewing gum alone while going back to Ezikwo, the very place she was packing sand. She suddenly remembered the man’s ten chewing gum was still with her, she had to rush and send it to him.

The suspected rapist was standing in front of a classroom in Ezikwo Primary School, that is very close to where the young girl was packing sand, but according to her, while she was approaching him to give him the chewing gum. Sighting her, the man went inside a classroom. When she reached there, the man asked her to come inside with the chewing gum but she refused. As he insisted on her coming inside the classroom, the girl dropped the chewing gum on a table infront of the classroom.

Trying to go back, the man insisted that she should meet him inside. He immediately rushed and grabbed her by hands but being smart girl and already provoked, she ran out after bitting on that man’s hand.

Though, the man was reported to have tried for the second time to overpower the girl, but sighting another people coming to the scene, he took to his heels.

The young girl was already shouting for help. She has to quickly unveil the trending matter to the people who came for her rescue. Those people including the two men of Elites Lion Security and one State Security Service man of the state Command tried as much as they can to catch the man but the suspected rapist narrowly escaped by jumping over the school fence.

Ezinne really commended the assistance of trio whose their presence led to the man leaving her by taking his heels and prayed God would device a better means to arrest the man in order to uncover his deadly tendencies and to face the wraths of law which will serve as deterrent to others.

One of the Elites Lion Security men, Mr. Emmanuel Ifeanyi Mbam, said he witnessed the incident while interacting with journalists at old Government House, Abakaliki.

His words, “when I was coming back from night inspection around 8am, I saw a man dragging the girl inside Ezikwo primary school classroom. I stood to monitor the incident, to know why he was dragging the girl. I saw the girl bitting him on his hand and immediately ran out from the scene. He grabbed her back, dragging her inside and I felt a little bit to shout, like two minutes; I rushed close to the scene. The girl rushed out again immediately, and started running to the entrance of the school. She started narrating that the man wanted to rape her. She said, he had first sent her to buy ten Naira chewing gum for him with her younger sister. But along the line, the younger sister told her father that she was feeling hungry. Their father told her to stay back at home. The girl expressed surprise at the man’s reactions when she went to give him the chewing gum, saying that he grabbed her to the classroom trying to rape her if not she bited him and started shouting. That is why she became saved.

“Along the line, we tried to apprehend him, he jumped over the school fence and ran out. He entered the ghetto. Then, I called my colleague including the State Security Service man, but he later got narrowly escaped. We contacted one of the operational leaders of SSS, he informed me to call the Special Assistant to the state Governor on Security and Public Utilities in Urban area of the state. That’s why I brought her here as he directed, after his address, he still advised us to go to the police and make report in case the man is eventually apprehended, to make him not denying the act. “

The girl’s mother, Mrs. Ifeoma Ekuma who is an indigene of Ezza Effuim in Ohaukwu council area of the state said, she became aware of the incident following her invitation by the security agents through her phone number. She thanked those who rescued her daughter from the evil man and wondered what the case of her daughter would have been if she was eventually raped.

The Two Men of Elites Lion Security Who Rescued The Girl

“I bought her a book that is titled, ‘Stay Away from Strangers’. She reads it always including her siblings. Being whoever, as far as you don’t know the person, stay away from the person especially this time of Covid-19 trials”, she cautioned her daughter.


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