Concerned Youth to Gov. Fintiri : Be wary of Maduwa as a “political interloper” ,denting your good name in Adamawa


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Concerned Youth to Gov. Fintiri : Be wary of Maduwa as a “political interloper” ,denting your good name in Adamawa

A Youth in Adamawa State who is concerned and want the administration of Rt. Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri,the Executive Governor of the State to be the best in the history of the State, called the attention of the Governor against handling with ‘kid gloves’ the attitudes of Steven Maduwa tilting towards ruining his political shining moment.

He raised an alarm that the attitudes of Steven in recent time suggest he’s a “Political interloper”, seeking much relevance in the political popularity and name he does own.

The Youth,Mr Taru Peter reacted to a Facebook post of one Sen. Vandy Michika, viewed Maduwa as”a political interloper” denting the good name of Governor Fintiri with under guise of professed friendship.

Taru said a counter response of a Facebook posts from Sen Vandy who took on Japheth Jerome Wulshiri with a headlong reply that”the Brouhaha of Michika projects under the State Govt and the claim by one individual as a brain behind the projects…what a mess” attracted his response on Maduwa’s behaviour.

Governor of Adamawa, Rt. Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri

On the post one Sen Vandy Michika lambasted Japheth Jerome over a certain post that tends to hurt the feelings of Maduwa,but portrayed Steven a political glory light of Michika Local Government.

Peter in a telephone chat with TGNEWS said it becomes pertinent to let the world know that the behavior of Steven Maduwa to the people of Adamawa State, Michika Community is having the tendencies of damaging the personality of Governor Fintiri and his people oriented government.

According to him,Maduwa arrogate to himself power ,moving about molesting people claiming is a power broker from the government and that be is becoming unbecoming .The need to checkmate him , the better for his government sail through on glory Land.

Peter said is carrying the burden of telling the truth to the people of the State haven noticed his social media campaign with Maduwa Media Group (MMG) preaching his political vision and missions.

He said that the blunt Political ambition of Maduwa who is scheming out plans to be the next Senator of Adamawa Nothern zone by floating and sponsoring a Facebook poster by name Sen Vandy Michika is hitting up the polity with no justifiable reason against the personality of the Governor.

He said:” If I may ask with what qualifications is he going to the national Chambers? Or does he has what it takes to represent the Good people of Adamawa North at the red chambers? I don’t believe or belong to the set of people wishing all Tom Dig and Harry a place ordinarily meant for people who are vast and have the requisite qualifications to development our nation to people who shouldn’t. This is probably why we are still where we are as a nation. We tend to push people in a critical position of leadership that’s not really meant for them.

“My Governor Sir,the vaunting ambition and the arrogant life style of your friend is a call for a concern,his constant visit of overseeing an ongoing projects in Michika has position him another power usurper, boasting and posing that is in-change of all the ongoing contractual work in our area, may be because of the political agenda he has you allow him is really detestable when there should be observable decorum in the hierarchy of leadership.

“If I may ask and be informed of what I don’t know,Who is Maduwa in this government? Appointee of the Governor? Or a Government contractor?

“Sir don’t encourage what will later consume you and all of us in Adamawa North because ,we gave you an overwhelming support. I think you should call Maduwa to order,it does not have the political muscles to wrestle the hiding giants waiting on things to unfold before 2023.

“My candid view is that the Man Steven is doing more harm than good with his inordinate and never succeed dreams,he is far wanting in terms of leadership qualities,and what a Man should have to represent his people.

“I don’t mean to be personal or people read meaning to what I’m saying, probably Steven Maduwa might misunderstand my honest views,I think there are just other things he can be good at,…Fix him well there and live him to grow or develop himself to a desire stage for service.

“My respected Governor ,sorry to say that Maduwa, your good friend is labeled as a branded enemy of Kamwe and his zero political success cannot be more than a Councillor. The councillorship political attempts of Steven to vie for an elective position on two occasions,the lowest political elective position was a far unrealized dream haven failed woefully,may be a sign that the people don’t see him to have what it takes to be their leader. I can recall the last attempt of Maduwa wanting to contest State House of Assembly was only a one vote of primaries election he got from his campaign coordinator, Benjamin Lungu. You see why I said he still needs to grow up his political skills? And it all bores down to character.

“Your Excellency Sir, you grow in the ladder of politics and leadership to where you are: From a floor member to chairman house committee, from there you stepped up to deputy speaker,from deputy speaker you became the speaker…. acting Governor to elective Governor. I don’t think you should encourage a mediocre for a seat that bears your identity? Or good names.

“The likes of Professor Iya Abubakar,Sen Mana, former Governor Boni Haruna, Bala James Ngilari,Sen Muhammadu Jibrila Umaru Bindow,the immediate past Governor of the State and former Senator Names like Professor Mamman Tahir,HRH Isa Ahmadu,Lamido Mubi Emirate, Senator Binta Masi Garba,Hon Adamu Kamale etc. These are people of the zone that makes and are still contributing meaningful to the development of Nigerian. The zone cannot be empty to the extend of Fielding the unqualified to an office meant for the most experienced.

“My own view should be worthy of note of a sign to a political looming dangers if Maduwa is being allowed to float around at this immature Political time,glamouring around seeking the underserved attention of our people to support his political ambition. Sir, I see it boomeranging back with a serious adverse political effects, not only to you but to all those supporting your political course.

“A man with genuine certificates should be search for, a Man with good manners,a Man with no questionable character should be our suppose leader.” Taru said

He continue to say that Steven and his wife are now shakers and movers of what goes around and comes around in the political circle of Michika,and if you there say or write anything on the negative, they go after you with sponsor security agency to arrest you.

“The truth is sacrosanct and if you fail in telling the truth,evil will triumph,I will say this truth again and again until the right thing is done. I may also be hunted and molested the way Steven’s wife,Fidelia Yirau has humiliated one Rusku Joel Jerome for shameless reasons because they want power by all means. This I stand for;If I die I die,and if I live,I live.I have more to say in due time.” He added

On the contrary, some other people in Adamawa seems to consider Steven Maduwa a good Man who meant well for the total growth of the state, especially Michika LGA his Community.

Alhaji Umaru K Michika,a Politician in the state who knows Maduwa for a very long time said there cannot be any good Man in the whole of Michika and its environs that’s good than Steven.

He said some few individuals just hate him for no just course and probably are not very much close to him to know exactly who he is.

“Let me tell you, once it’s time for one to be what God has destined him to be in this planet Earth,no Jupiter on the surface of the Earth can stop him.

Please forget about all this noise makers, where were all these people in Michika that is only Steven Maduwa stood with Governor Fintiri to the time of winning election? They all ran away and left him to fate. Maduwa gave his life,gave his resources and what not.

“Steven is not doing anything bad against anyone, they just hate him because his shining time has come.” Umaru said.