Kaduna Assembly Impeached Deputy Speaker on Grounds of Sabotage


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 Members of the Kaduna State House of Assembly in the early hours of Thursday 11th June impeached the Deputy Speaker Hon. Muktar Isa Hazo (Member representing Basawa Constituency) and elected Hon. Dr. Isaac Auta Zankai (Kauru Constituency) as their New Deputy Speaker.

The Members converged in the Assembly complex to impeach the Deputy Speaker for sabotaging the efforts of the assembly in collaboration with those who want to distract the noble effort of Mal. Nasiru Elrufai’s administration with more than 24 members of the Assembly in support of the impeachment 
Some members of the Assembly including the deputy Speaker were found conniving with Two (2) National Assembly Members from Kaduna State to create unnecessary chaos and as well distract the effort of this administration despite the support and love given to them by Mal. Nasiru Elrufai before and after the election.

The leadership of the Assembly wish to draw the attention of the duo National Assembly Members that Kaduna State under the amiable leadership of Mal. Nasiru Elrufai will continue to be great, their plan of using the Assembly Members to create distraction will not yield any positive result and very soon the good people of kaduna will realize and understand their evil mission of creating political disorder just to distract the attention of this administration in transforming and developing kaduna state.

Finally, the leadership of the Assembly under the Speaker Rt. Hon. Yusuf Ibrahim Zailani want to assure His Excellency and the good people of Kaduna State that no amount of evil influence will stop the assembly from formulating good laws for the betterment of all and the assembly will not condone any act of dishonesty, infidelity and disrespect from any member.



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