Senator Laah a courageous leader to vote for in upcoming elections


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Senator Laah a courageous leader to vote for in upcoming elections

By V. Mbaye Mathew,
Atyap in Zango Kataf of Kaduna

There are a lot of elections coming up and a lot of leaders out there asking for your support. In some situations every single vote will make a difference as candidates put forward vastly different platforms and look for you to be on their side.

It’s on the sides of Senator Laah that Southern Kaduna have decided to stay that trouble many.

Politics is often presented as a conversation between winners and losers, those who are for and those who are against a particular issue.

Southern Kaduna will always vote and PDP will always win in the long run because to us PDP is a religion we are so united that we leave very tiny space for opposition like APC behind us . More than ever we need leaders like distinguished senator Dujama Laah who is always willing to cross lines, close the divide, and bring southern kaduna people together to solve the challenges ahead of her.

We’ve got some big challenges, and its going to take a leader with the ability to collaborate, inspire and have some tough conversations so we can move forward,sincerely,now we have someone very determined.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.
Our choices have long-term impacts on government policy, budget allocations and the community that gets created in the future. Choosing carefully matters.

Using our voice to take action in support of a candidate like senator Laah is the only major hope at the moment.

The system we’ve got isn’t perfect. In fact, it could be dramatically improved upon. However at the moment it’s the system we’ve got and only with our collective voices that we can get it open and connected to the views of all to get system working .

So our vote matters when we get to 2023 .I have a foundational belief that brave, honest conversations are how we solve the problems in our community and that the senatorial zone needs more of senator Laah who stands for something, shows up and changes our world for the better.

You want to vote for someone who stands for something you also believe in and who will work with others to create positive change.
In service to that core belief about brave, honest conversations and a leader like Danjuma I’ve done a lot of thinking the last few years about what a courageous leader he is.

Now, he has created a framework of core competencies. I hope this helps us think about the candidates you want to work with going forward and Laah is for us.


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