Group Expresses Dismay over Killings in Northern Nigeria 


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Group Expresses Dismay over Killings in Northern Nigeria 

 Northern Consensus Movement has  expressed dismay over what it described as ” heightened level of killings” across the northern part of Nigeria  with the most recent being those perpetrated on the people of southern Kaduna.

According to a statement signed by the the National Secretary of the group , ESV. Jibrilla Madu Gadzama ,” For more than a decade, Northern Nigerians watched helplessly and without justifiable action from the Federal Government, as their loved ones were massacred with impunity. 
“This led the good people of this country to come out en masse in order to vote out the previous administration in the hopes that a change in the political leadership will come along with the political will to tackle the menace of insecurity across the region. Little did we know that insecurity would spread beyond the North East to other parts of Northern Nigeria.
“The sheer number of people being killed almost on a daily basis in the northern states of Adamawa, Borno, Kaduna, Katsina, Niger, Sokoto, Yobe and most recently in southern Kaduna, leaves us wondering if there is a government saddled with the responsibility of protecting lives and property as enshrined in the Constitution of this great country, Nigeria. If there is, we marvel at the indifference and inaction of government to the insecurity situation sweeping across the states of the North unabated, an indication that the Federal Government may be complicit in this matter.
“We wish to caution the Federal Government on the planned reintegration of captured Boko Haram terrorists into the security apparatus of the country while their victims are living in dehumanizing conditions in ill funded IDP camps across the country. These victims and survivors of the carnage of the Boko Haram and other armed bandits deserve the rehabilitation and reintegration programs of the government better than those who put them into this misery in the first place. Setting our priorities right will also help bring an end to the insecurity situation in the country as against rewarding the perpetrators of violence.
“We wish to state in clear and unequivocal terms that the Federal Government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari has failed the North and by extension Nigerians since we no longer feel safe in our communities. The service chiefs have proven time without number that they are incapable of securing Nigerians yet have been allowed to superintend over the crises when more capable hands can be found within the armed forces. This has also dampened the moral of our military men who now lack confidence in the fight against the insurgents.
“Finally, we wish to call on the Federal Government to use its might to pro-actively put an end to these senseless, baseless and aimless killings instead of the regular reactive approach it adopts when these unfortunate and needless incidents occur.”



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