2023: Ebonyi community leaders clamour for Umahi’s Presidency


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2023: Ebonyi community leaders clamour for Umahi’s Presidency

By Victor Nwegede

Ebonyi community leaders have begun calling Governor David Nweze Umahi to contest more elevated political position, pleading him to never think anything other than heading for the Presidency in 2023.

The state community leaders sent this message through the Chairman of Izzi Traditional Rulers’ Forum, His Royal Highness Eze Sunday S.N Oketa while interacting with newsmen after the grand finale of the PDP local government election campaign held at Pa Ngele Oruta township staduim, Abakaliki.

Eze Oketa, who is the Onuoha III and the Traditional Ruler of Nkaleke Echara Autonomous Community, housing the state capital city, Abakaliki, also prayed that the state governorship position would be returned to Ebonyi North Senatorial Zone in 2023 owing to his opinion that the state’s number one seat has be in rotation since the creation of the state.

He said: “It is our prayer that our Governor, Engr. David Nweze Umahi emerge as the President of this country in 2023. If our governor is given opportunity to lead the country’s apex position, he will change the face of this country over night.

“Nobody has come to Ebonyi since Governor Umahi took the mantle of leadership not marvelled by the infrastructural turnaround of this state. His empowerment to Ebonyi people and even the citizens of another states remain exceptional. Sometimes, we wonder what gives him such irresistible courage to embark on such lofty and life touching projects with his commitment and dedication to duties; all getting to completion. The National PDP Chairman today has born witness to his achievements.

“I am also optimistic that, in 2023, the state governorship position will return to Ebonyi North and I thank God, since the creation of the state we have been supporting the government in power. That is why we did not look back to support Akubaraoha in 2015 to ensure the spirit of equity, fairness and justice continue taking the front burner of the state governorship position. I pray, this system should not be underplayed in 2023”, he prayed.

In this mileu, Governor Umahi has sought for the anointing of the National Chairman of PDP, Prince Uche Secondus to clinch more elevated position in the country during the party mega rally on Thursday at Abakaliki.

He said: “My own anointing is almost finishing. Chairman, I am looking for another anointing. I told you there is no amount of politics that will interest me. I am not distracted. The last one year is for election. I still have works to do. There is no amount of provocation will distract me. I have works to do.”

Umahi had earlier commended his people who are controlling the political classes in Ebonyi State and at the National level, unveiled his readiness to revitalize his position which according to him has been extended to be occupied by the digital citizens, calling for introduction of electronic voting come 2023 general elections to fight irregularities and crises witness while voting.

“Mr. Chairman, there is something that pains me. It is the shading of blood during elections. We have to do everything in this country to support e-voting. We will be having voting from INEC. All these struggles will stop. All these desperation will stop. And I want to challenge the National Chairman of PDP. In terms of having our own server links to the crowd, we can start the desire with our PDP. I am sure the governors can support you, so that in the upcoming primaries, we have them one day. Just come to the centre, you can see the various positions being contested. You see their pictures, you just top print ICT platform. It goes to the server”, Umahi hinted.

He argued that the possiblity of having electronic voting is not far fetched, adding that the initiative would enthrone true representative democracy in the party and as well advance the country’s political culture.

“Soldier comes, soldier goes but the Barrack remains. Mr. Chairman, I have come to realize, that all these struggles you want to replace yourself, you want to have a successor. They come to nothing, they are vanity upon vanity. And when you suffer the will of God, the punishment will start with you. That is why the Godson should be the last person to work against the Godfather. If I have not learnt anything in fifteen years in politics, I have learnt that, you should allow the will of God to come to pass in the life of everybody.

“I will not be interested who will replace myself, I will be interested in God bringing my successor. People go up and down, they are vying for my position. You have to be qualified before you ask for this position. It is because this position has been extended. It is not for somebody who is not digital. It is not something for somebody who is not ICT compliant. It is not something not having pedigree. You need to evaluate your background before you near the throne because it is made very sacred. But let me assure that I will not disenfranchise anybody. Anybody who wants to contest any position in Ebonyi State under me in 2023 will be very free to do it. Even if you have being in National Assembly for twenty times, if your people want you to go back, you can go back. My promise to PDP is that, I will not be for anybody and I will not be against anybody. Let the will of the people come to pass. You will only agree with me if you expect me to anoint you, because, my own anointing is almost finishing”, he added.

Speaking, Prince Uche Secondus commended the infrastructural development of the state, saying the feats have spoken volume of the leadership ingenuities embedded in Governor Umahi making the party faithfuls proud.

He noted that Umahi is in tandem to the Biblical allusion which stated that when “the righteous is on the throne, the people rejoice”; commending the developmental strides of the governor.

“Your Excellency, we can see not only the standard projects but the people are happy, …In leadership, it is in two ways, if you try your best and the people trust you, is to repose the confidence of your people, and as we can see the demonstration of a good leader, and the leadership quality of our governor in Ebonyi State is clear that the people of Ebonyi State including me, that we are very anxious to know what is the next plan of this governor? Each time you come to Ebonyi State, you see complete structures. He is a governor that God has anointed and he is working with his creative and innovative mind as an engineer while deriving his power from God. Anointing! He is searching for, is only from God. No one can anoint anybody on Earth. Power! All power belongs to God. And it is only God that can give power. Our prayer is that by the time he will finish his tenure, whatever he has for him, nobody can stop it”, Secondus cleared.

Meanwhile, the State PDP Chairman, Barr. Peter Onyekachi Nwebonyi and the Commissioner for Local Government, Chieftaincy Matters and Rural Development, Barr. Samuel Okoronkwo have described the governor as the best among his colleagues in Nigeria, and maintained that the the local government polls come 29th August, 2019 would be the most peaceful, expressing confidence on PDP to emerge victoriously in all the polling booths in the state.



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