My Message To Delegates, As Kaduna PDP Goes To Poll, By Midat Joseph


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My Message To Delegates, As Kaduna PDP Goes To Poll, By Midat Joseph

By Saturday, September 19th 2020, members and delegates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Kaduna State chapter will be gathering at Trade Fair Complex to elect their new State Executive Committee Members.

It is not news that the processes leading to the September 19th State Congress of the PDP has been debatable with lots of court injunctions and trials. Observers like us, have been greatly disappointed by the conduct of some of the Party members. If at all, it is serious about taken over power in the years ahead, a party that lost power in 2015, shouldn’t be this divided. Am sure, they are aware that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Except there are undisclosed motives to totally bring down the party by unidentify agents within and outside it members, I believe the dust should settle down for serious business.

Thank God! the dust, I am told, are beginning to settle, and a date for the State election has been fixed. I hope members of the party will let the sleeping dog lies in peace.

As a keen follower of political activities in our dear State, I appeal to delegates of the PDP to return Hon. Felix Hassan Hyat as their Chairman and my Friend, Alhaji Aliyu Bello as youth Leader for a second term. This is without prejudice to other contestants for the same positions. In fact, some of the contestants for the post of Chairmanship are persons I hold in highest esteem. But, by choice for Hyat, is a personal conviction, I am entitle to it and therefore exercising it.

My intervention at this time is based on the fact that the position of a Party Chairman in a cosmopolitan State like Kaduna, requires a Man with tact and cognizance experience both at the public service and at political levels. You cannot wave aside experience when deciding on who should lead you. This experience is not bought in the market square and that is what is standing for Hyat.

As a former Minister, former Secretary to the Kaduna State Government and a former State Legislator, Hyat’s experience in leadership cannot and should not be thrown away.

His pedigree, politically, should be a strength for the party and anybody who wish the PDP well should rally round such an experienced personality.

As a party, you can afford to dash out the Governorship ticket to a 30 plus years individual without experienced, but, should not gamble or contemplate doing same at the level of the Chairmanship of your party.

There might have been some issues with the way and manner, Mr. Hyat ran or handled your party in his first tenure, but, that does not suggest you throwaway the baby with the bathing water. What you should do as party Men and Women is to re-elect him, support him with great ideas on how to be a good opposition leader while still holding the trust of your followers.

As an observer and not a politician or a member of your party, I come in peace, and wish everyone well even at the great risk of been misunderstood.

Once again dear Delegates, do me a favour by bringing back Hyat for the second term, you will be glad, you did so.

Midat Joseph
Narat Communications Nig. Ltd
(Owners of Kakaaki Reporters, Kakaaki Radio&TV)


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