60th Anniversary : Isa Ashiru Felicitates with Nigerians… says Successive Leaders Since 1966 have failed 


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60th Anniversary : Isa Ashiru Felicitates with Nigerians… says Successive Leaders Since 1966 have failed 
The candidate of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Kaduna State during the 2019 gubernatorial election ,Rt. Honourable Isa Mohammed Ashiru has felicitated with all Nigerians on the occasion of this ,year’s independence day anniversary. 

In statement personally signed , Rt. Hon. Isa Mohammed Ashiru said ” This development calls for celebration in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges that have continued to make life unbearable for our people. 

His words: ”  October 1st, 1960 is a very significant date in the history of our dear nation Nigeria and Nigerians. It is a day that symbolizes the triumph of our nation over the forces of oppression and economic exploitation and laid the foundation of a free, united, strong, and prosperous nation. It was a feat made possible by the combined efforts; hard work, sweat and resilience of our founding fathers across the various geopolitical zones of the country.
“Regrettably, successive  leaders since 1966 have failed to consolidate on the solid foundations upon which this country was built. Ethnoreligious strife , corruption, and a host of other social vices have combined to stall our progress towards true economic, social and political independence.
” For many decades, ethnoreligious strife, corruption, insecurity, poverty and injustice have left a vast majority of our people devastated, homeless, and hopeless. Our government and democratic institutions have continued to be weakened by the ineptitude, greed and  selfishness of a recycled few at the helm of our affairs. Tribalism, nepotism, and mediocrity have assumed unimaginable proportions in almost every facet of our national life to the extent that they have become the new normal.
“Our unity too, is threatened everyday to such an embarrassing extent that citizens are no longer free to live in certain regions or areas of their choice, ply certain routes, or venture into certain vocations without the fear of being marginalised,  threatened, kidnapped, maimed or even killed.
“Some of our villages and high ways have even become human abbatoirs overrun by terrorists, bandits, and kidnappers with no end in sight, while government and its security forces continue to claim “successes” that are not seen by the people who suffer daily attacks. 
“At 60, the state of our public infrastructure is among the worst in the world. Be it railways, power, industry, healthcare, or education, among others. Successive governments at all levels have failed to significantly improve them beyond the levels the colonialists or our founding fathers left them. We have simply failed to invest in the future of this great nation.
” Freedom of speech and of the Press have constantly been threatened by successive, repressive and autocratic regimes, both in and out of uniform. Many journalists and citizens have over the years been threatened, detained, jailed and even killed for daring to expose the ineptitude of governments and their officials.
“Also, over 80 million Nigerians are in bondage of extreme poverty, diseases, and unemployment and many more homeless or in refugee camps. Yet, the prices of essential goods such as  electricity and petrol are being hiked by government with no social investment programmes in place to cushion the effects on the people. This is unacceptable at this time.
” In spite of all these challenges, some little progress has been made. We have significantly grown in our population, and have led the rest of Africa out of the shackles of western imperialism and apartheid. For many years, our troops have been helping to keep the peace in many parts of the world, while millions of other citizens have been excelling and leading innovations in medicine, education, ICT, agriculture, commerce and industry within and outside the country. Indeed, we are still a nation of great potential and promise. 
“As we reflect on the significance of this day therefore, I call on government at state and federal levels to rise to the challenge of nation building. The current approach at tackling the challenges in security, power, economy, health, and education, among others is clearly not working. Both President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Nasir Elrufa’i of Kaduna state should consider using this occasion to assemble competent Nigerians across tribe, religion and political and social divides to chart a new way out of these myriad of problems. It is no longer a choice, but a NECESSITY. 
“Fellow compatriots, I’m as worried as many of you are about the hopelessness that has characterised our existence as a people today but urge you never to give up. Let us continue to pray, unite  and remain committed to keeping Nigeria ONE. With the right political leadership, Kaduna State and indeed Nigeria shall surely attain their full potentials.
” Happy Independence Day Anniversary and may God bless our dear Kaduna State and nation Nigeria.”


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