I will not leave Nigeria-Maina


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I will not leave Nigeria

My attention have been drawn to an online publication titled Maina and his son Faisal are out of Nigeria. This story is false and I want the public to disregard the story. It is calculated to tarnish my image.

I am in Nigeria and those who want me to leave will be in shame, because I will stay and face my adversaries to the end. I am now in private hospital recovering.

I am currently being treated in a private clinic in Abuja. As soon as I can walk, I will be in Court but certainly not Justice Akon Abang Court, because as I said before, he is bias and doesn’t like me from day one when he asked me to stop looking at him.

Thank you and God Bless
Dr Abdulrasheed Maina
7th October 2020


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