HRH Machu Goroh Shadalafiya ,the most Respected King that once Reigned in my village-By Emmanuel Shadalafya


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His Royal Highness , Machu Goroh Shadalafiya ,the most Respected King that once Reigned in my village-By Emmanuel Aweh Shadalafya

By Emmanuel Aweh Shadalafiya

I was a kid then ,but I noticed that when you moved around the community you commanded respect from the old and the young.

In your time, unity and progress of your people was paramount to you, in your time we spoke with one voice, in your time collectivism reigned Supreme over individualism in the struggle for the progress and development of our dear community Shadalafiya.

Though you are in the great beyond, but I know it will please you to know, where the legacy you left us with has taking us to, but it will shock you to know that today, the preponderance of individualism over collectivism reigns supreme in the community. We are divided; we no longer speak with one voice. Enmity within is the cankerworm that has been degrading the fabrics that sustain us. Since you left, we have moved but backwards in terms of unity and progress.

Uhatebei are on their own, Unorokwoh are on their own and Idek are on their own. These groups exist as single entities rather than a collective formidable progressive force in terms of rendering help to each other or in terms of progress and development of the community.

We all answered the name Shadalafiya ,but the problem of enmity within and the question of unity posses a serious challenge to the existence of Shadalafiya as a community.

This problems are from the top to bottom. Politics is one of our problems, our sons and daughters held high positions in government but instead of bringing progress to the community, what they only brought was division.

It will further shock you to know that the youths no longer respects nor listen to the instructions of the elders. Unlike your days, the now village head moves around but he doesn’t command any respect from his people. That’s how bad it has taken us sir.

Today marks 26 years since you left us, I can still remember that sad day we got the sad news of your demise. You went to Abuja on your way back home close to the village, your ancestors called you and you answered. And since you left, Shadalafiya is a shadow of herself.
His Royal Highness, Machu Goroh Shadalafiya who is the father of Hon . Nuhu Goroh Shadalafiya ,Kaduna State Assembly member , representing Kagarko Constituency brought hospital, UPE, Created and constructed the first road in his village even without a car.

The village won so many Agricultural shows then and above all he was the then Spokesperson of Action Group Party middle belt and staff of Kaduna State Judiciary for 22 years before accepting to be our village chief from 1974-1994 October 11.

Shadalafiya people, it is high time we realised that collectivism is a better option than individualism.

Continue to Rest in Peace your Royal Highness


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