Kogi State Government of Nigeria : Time for Unflagging Commitment to Peace ,Unity and Progress


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The Kogi State Government wishes to salute the sense of patriotism on the part of our people who, in the most civil manner, ensured that the campaign against police brutality didn’t nosedive into an uncontrollable carnage in our dear State.

Like our compatriots across the nation, our people made known their discontent to police brutality but they listened to the leader of the State who urged caution in the face of the protests.

Governor Yahaya Bello joined his voice with our people across the nation to condemn acts which tend to wane the rights of the people, especially, brutalization. He urged the nation to continue to have confidence in Mr President, whose sole aim is the advancement of our nation.
The Governor, Government and people of Kogi State sympathise with those who lost properties and their loved ones in the course of the protests. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

It is clear that the voice of the leader of the nation, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, has reassured our people and reinforced our earlier stance that this administration will reduce to the bearest minimum, cases of flagrant violation of the rights of our people by those employed and paid to protect them.

Mr President’s address has addressed the key issues and it is time for all Nigerians to come off the civil action; stronger and better determined to advance the development of our nation.
The Kogi State Government once again thanked the citizens of the State for setting a great example of how to protest and still respect the rights of the people.
We urge you all to maintain the tempo of peace and harmony in the State as Government will continue to work with the Police to ensure better Police-People relations.

Since 2016, the Police has worked with other law enforcement agencies to make the State a success story in security. They have supported Governor Yahaya Bello to make the State one of the most secured in the nation. We shall continue to work together to protect our people.
We urge the Police to seize this golden opportunity to undertake a holistic reform as the State Government will be at the forefront of making a strong case for improved welfare for security agencies, professionalism and discipline.
Recent happenings have again, tested our unity as a nation. We have to keep supporting the President’s sincere efforts in making our nation the economic centre of Africa.

To the youth of this nation, our voices have been heard and the President has already set machinery in motion to ensure our demands are met. The President has urged us to engage the system as our nation will continue to respect the voices of her citizens.

Hon. Kingsley Femi Fanwo
Commissioner for Information and Communications.



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