APC Convention: Zamfara Concerned Citizens berate Marafa over childish comments


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APC Convention: Zamfara Concerned Citizens berate Marafa over childish comments

The Zamfara Concerned Citizens (ZCC ) has accused the embattled former Senator who represented Hangars Central, Alhaji Kabiru Marafa for seeking for cheap media publicity by giving the APC Care- taker Committee an ultimatum to organize a convention.
Reacting to comments made by Senator Marafa published by some newspapers in the country, secretary to the group, Alhaji Musa Gusau said the embattled politician is still a suspended member from the party and ” therefore, his comments do not in anyway reflect the views of the Zamfara APC.
According to him, it is unfortunate that the senator has not learnt any lessons from his childish acts that led to the APC lost in the 2019 elections and called for his immediate sack before he further plunged the party’s fortunes.
“The problem with Senator Marafa is immaturity in the art of local, national and international politics. He operates like a mad dog in politics believing that it will fetch him fame while he is busy killing his political career”, Gusau stated.

” Again, Politics is not about expired and irrelevant politicians like Kabiru Marafa who has become an expired product in the field of Nigerian politics today. There is no gainsaying the fact that Senator Kabiru Marafa is one of Nigeria’s most controversial politicians who lack and have lost focus and direction and that the worst political retirement await them”.

Today, Kabiru Marafa is either a milksop or a big-blouse, whose stock in trade is speaking with both sides of his mouth or playing to the gallery of a psychologically lobotomized audience and nobody will ever take Kabiru Marafa seriously. Little wonder why every reputable APC member in Zamfara state unreservedly celebrate the sacking of Marafa from APC and his co-traveler Adams Oshiomole from the exalted office of APC National Chairman.

On serious note, and to even ask some questions regarding Marafa’s verbal masturbation against the APC Chairman of the Caretaker Committee, Governor Mai Mala Buni, Is Kabiru Marafa still in APC ? Is he a member of APC ? When did Kabiru Marafa became a loyal member of APC ? When did he stop celebrating and benefiting from the lost of APC in Zamfara state ? Is he not the same Kabiru Marafa that was sacked by both the ward, local government and state party chairmen ? How possible for him to even talk about party issues regarding APC when he was already sacked by the party and he later re-alligned himself with Zamfara PDP and Governor Bello Matawalle of PDP ?

Indeed, it’s very illogical and shame of the century for a serial anti-party agent like Kabiru Marafa to even called on the most dedicated chairman of the caretaker committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Governor Mai Buni to organise the national convention of the party he was not even a member.

It’s a public knowledge that, Kabiru Marafa was used through different means and medium to destroy APC and even try to kill it completely at the center and in Zamfara state by also persuing systemic anti party activities that include the worst of dragging zamfara APC victory to court until the mandate was stolen from the APC to the opposition.

There is probably no other politician In Nigeria today who on daily basis losses relevance like Kabiru Marafa and again multiplies the number of his political adversaries due to his political childish behaviour and unguided comments.

Marafa thought he can continue mounting unnnecessary pressure on Governor Buni to restrict activities of his committee to convocation of a national convention, while again, he was very afraid of the decision of the committee to conduct membership registration since he knew very well that the committee is much aware of all his 2019 anti-party activities to APC in Zamfara.

It’s also very sad that, Senator Kabiru Marafa can’t understand simple grammer which made it very clearly that membership registration was part of the mandate of the Buni’s committee and it is not diversionary an attempt by Buni to perpetuate himself in office.

To make it even more clearerfor Kabiru Marafa, he should desist from commenting on any thing APC, because he is not a member of APC, but rather a sacked memberwho want to get attention through irresponsibility, stupidity and political rascality.

Nigerians and members of APC are all aware that Buni’s appointment is constitutional and Mr. President made the right decision at the right time for a better and united party, APC.

“Every Nigerian knows Senator Marafa as a common political thug during his short stay at the National Assembly, a notorious bully, a disgrace to even Zamfara state APC who allied with Adams Oshiomhole and plotted for the fall of APC in Zamfara. He is now attacking Gov. Buni to please his master who was booted out of office just like him”.
The Concerned Citizens accused both Marafa and Oshiohmole for plotting to destroy Zamfara APC but for the efforts put in by ex-governor Abdulaziz Yari, the APC in the state is more united than ever before

Finally, Buni’s committee has not failed in any way, but rather succeeded in reconciling loyal members of the party in major states including the famous Zamfara state under the leadership of Abdulaziz Yari.

Concerned Citizens of Zamfara
Comrade Musa Gusau.


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