Arewa Group Condemns Gang-up Against AGF 


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 We have recently been following with keen interest the hot air balloon created by some selected and selfish  labour unions in concert with some shadow political forces that, the current Accountant-General of the Federation, Ahmed Idris must be retired from office on account of reaching 60 years of age.  

 Our position   1. While we understand that this is a deliberately created political smokescreen designed to spark unnecessary confusion about an issue that is already constitutionally very clear, we feel duty bound to set the records straight. It is quite obvious that this misleading campaign was inspired by old political prejudices, because the current AGF Ahmed Idris hails from the much despised Northern extraction   2. After our careful examination of all the pedestrian arguments being bandied on the media, notably the desperate move to convert the traditions of a political appointment into civil service rules, we wish to make our unequivocal position  clear at this point.  And unlike the apologists of this hasty campaign to forcefully boot out AGF Ahmed Idris through the back-door, we would rely on the provisions of the constitution, which makes both the appointment and renewal of the tenured appointment of AGF a prerogative of the President  of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.   3. It is common knowledge that the AGF is currently serving as a political appointed but not a civil servant that should retire at the age of 60. It logically follows, that his appointment in 2015 was projected as a civil servant who served within the age bracket of a mandatory retirement age of 60 years, and a enjoyed the tenure within the mainstream civil service guidelines supervised under the office of the Head of Civil Service. His re – appointment for a second term in June last year, was predicated under S. 9(1),(2), (3) of the 1999 Construction where the President is empowered to appoint any person into any position of authority regardless of the age bracket, and therefore prompted the second appointment through the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation then what is the fuss about  retirement age here?  4. Less we not forget that, section 171 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has provided to the President the powers to appoint a person of his choice as the Accountant General of the Federation for a tenure of four years in office, and such appointment may be renewed by the president, for another final tenure of four years.  It should be noted that, the appointment of the AG, is made under certain political, public and Judicial office holders.  5. The question begging for an answer is this: what is the underlying agenda of  this broad daylight campaign against an appointee who has been passionate about his responsibility,  to the excitement of The Presidency, which ( in the first place) has the prerogative of appointing, removing him; reappointing him or replacing him out rightly?  6. It is surprising that these unions and groupings are fighting a lost battle against the AGF and their sponsors are chasing shadows and leaving the substance. If they are not out for cheap recognition or hiding behind a questionable campaign of calumny to secure the AGF’s office for their kinsmen, they should have done something more holistic in approach. For instance, why are they turning a blind eye to the overdue retirement of the nation’s service chiefs? Or is it because some of the service chiefs are from the Southern parts of the country? If we decide to check the actual retirement dates of senior civil servants especially CEOs of federal agencies (not the pretentious type they are indulged in at the moment) how many southerners would have been found to be overdue for retirement? Why waste resources and energy bickering over an AGF who is merely serving as a political appointee and you are trying to project him as a civil servant? If there are 200 Directors qualified to take his place, so what? Is that sufficient justification to stampede a hardworking appointee out of office? And those 200 Directors being bandied about, which part of the country are they from? We won’t be surprised to discover they are mainly from the South, since this is precisely the kernel of what the current campaign of stampeding the AGF is all about.  In the recent history of the Nigerian political journey, the current AGF was the only AGF who has through his professional expertise championed some reforms in the process of revenue collection, management and disbursement of public funds, by the institutionalizing a practical model which succeeded in blocking leakages, enhances transparency, accountability and openness in Government financial dealings, the reforms include: Single Treasury Account, IPPS, and many more    A word of caution  We wish to advise the labour union and its affiliates  to be wary of being used by politicians with selfish interests to dent the integrity. of dedicated appointees with a view to having the kinsmen of a certain region illegitimately occupy the same office  We urge the AGF and President Buhari not to be distracted by this diversionary campaign to stampede the AGF out of office and to inform the misguided civil service wagons that, re appointment of the AGF for another  4 year tenure remains the prerogative of the President, actions which are recognized by the highest laws of the land  And finally, we say enough is enough of this distraction at a point all hands should be on deck to confront the national challenges of insecurity and economic downturn occasioned by the Covid19 pandemic. It is only those Nigerians who are soulless, that  would commit resources to start an infantile, vicious propaganda over a single appointee’s office – out of the tens of thousands of such offices at the federal level  We reject this latest round of conspiracy against senior federal Government appointees of Northern extraction. It is not only retrogressive but setting bad examples that nothing good would be learnt from. We wish to at this juncture inform the bundles of these seemingly unfocussed unions to withdraw from their planned conspiracy to invade the office of the AGF, or we shall be forced to confront them.     Signed: Comrade Mohammed Hussaini Bauchi Assistant National Publicity Secretary.  


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