Second Wave of Covid-19: El-Rufai Signs New Regulations …Takes effect from December 17


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Second Wave of Covid-19: El-Rufai Signs New Regulations with effect from17 December 2020

1. It is mandatory to wear facemasks outside the house.
Organisations and individuals that allow people into their premises have the responsibility to enforce the no mask, no entry mandate.
Facemasks should be worn to cover the nose and mouth.
2. Large gatherings are henceforth prohibited.
3. Civil servants below Grade Level 14 are to work from home from Monday, 21st December 2020, subject to directives or summons by their supervisors who may require their presence in the office. TheHead of Service will issue service-wide updates as required.
4. Businesses must provide thermometers for temperature checks, and sanitisers or hand-washing equipment and physical distancing measures within all facilities.
5. Places of worship must enforce facemasks, provide sanitisers andensure physical distancing. The number of worshippers will be capped. Congregational worship should not exceed one hour.
6. Transport operators must reduce capacity to not more than two passengers per row and not more than 50% of capacity.
7. Supermarkets and providers of personal services such as hair dressing and barbing salons can remain open, but service providers and customers must use facemasks and limit the number of personsthey admit and serve at any time.
8. Hotels can remain open, but their restaurants and bars can offer only room service.
9. Event centres, Night clubs, Gyms and Bars and Lounges are to closeuntil further notice.
10. Restaurants are restricted to takeaway services only.
11.All schools will remain closed until it is deemed safe to reopen.
The Kaduna State Government appeals for collective compliance with these measures to enable the state to tackle the new wave of Covid-19 infections while allowing citizens to safely continue the pursuit of livelihoods. The state government taskforce and other agencies will help enforce these regulations. Ultimately, the effectiveness of these measures depends on the exercise of personal responsibility and voluntary compliance with the protocols.
The government appeals to all residents to see Covid-19 prevention as a vital personal responsibility and to act accordingly.



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