The youth won’t hand over Presidency to anyone above 60 – Comrade Olu John


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Public commentator and Social Media Influencer, Comrade Olu John has warned persons above 60 to stay off the 2023 Presidency, as according to him, “the youth will vote a young and dynamic person to pilot the affairs of the nation from 2023”.

“We have stopped the ENDSARS protests because we know we have a better opportunity to install a President that will understand our language from 2023.
“We have wasted a lot of opportunities because we underrated our strength and influence. In 2023, the youth of Nigeria will be uncompromisingly determined to ensure a youth is sent to the Villa to fix the rot we have found ourselves as a people.

“We need someone that can secure our nation, foster unity and create an economy that can create jobs. Anyone above 60 should support our drive. The old people have the right to contest but we also have the right to reject them. 2023 will be the year of the youth”.
On Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s rumored Presidential ambition, Comrade John said he read the story like others, saying Tinubu should retain his role as the national leader of his party.

“Tinubu is one of the people that fought for the enthronement of democracy. We respect and thank him for that. But he should support a younger person like Yahaya Bello to emerge as President.
“He shouldn’t be on the field with young men. He should be the Technical Adviser and Coach, not a contestant at that age.
“We will soon come out with our platform of the South East and South South for Yahaya Bello and the rest will know the youth are serious with 2023”, he said.

The activist urged the Federal Government not to contemplate another lockdown as a result of Covid-19, insisting that such action may sound a death knell on the “already fractured economy of the nation”.


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