Why Senator Uba Sani will Make Lives Of His Constituents Better


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By Comrade Musa Mohammed 
Senator Uba Sani represents Kaduna Central Senatorial District in the red Chambers of the  9th National Assembly .
His impact on politics and our financial institutions is second to none.

A Politician, who plays  a very key role in lives of the masses and downtrodden .
Youths and women empowerment has remained one of Senator Uba Sani’s priority and that more of such empowerment programmes are underway.

He pledged to make the lives of his constituents better. The empowerment of youths and women remained one of his priorities and that more of such empowerment programmes are underway; to affect all the five (7) Local Government Areas in Kaduna Central senatorial District.

The senator said there’s need to empower women and youth to check rising insecurity, as well as poverty across the country.

As a grassroot politician, Uba Sani always emphasises the need for constant dialogue between the political class and the masses for mutual understanding.
His main targets are youths and women. The Senator objective is to train them in skill acquisition and give them the support to start their own businesses and employ people. 

The senator said empowerment which is first and foremost financial, the key to emancipation, by encouraging women and young people to take responsibility very early on in their career in order to give themselves the widest range of options available.

“This will enable them to be closer to their skills and ambitions, in an enabling environment, to be aware of the laws adapted to professional integration, a financial system in line with their needs and an administration which is reactive and attentive”. 

“Financial empowerment must be accompanied by mechanisms of equal access to information, thus compensating for the lack of social integration of this population and allowing existing financial opportunities, both on the local and national or regional plan, to be made more evident”.

Uba Sani remains the most outstanding  Senator in Kaduna State from 1999 to date, an assertion justified by his commitment and focus. 

He is brilliant, smart, intelligent, compassionate and futuristic. Uba Sani will remain one of the best in Kaduna and Nigeria’s political history.
He passed many bills to promote transparency and accountability in the Senate. And  ever willing to promote and support any Executive bills on the floor of the Senate.

The Senator that illuminates the Senate Chamber with his in depth analysis of issues ,whenever he is contributing at plenary.

Uba Sani’s name and work will remain indelible on the marble of the federal legislature.


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